Stop The Press

Here’s the scoop to keep my loyal readers in the loop. (There are so many of you, I know…) 🙂

If by some chance you haven’t noticed, I have a new blog layout. I can’t believe I actually found a free one I like. Anyway, I’m hoping to save up and splurge for the layout that I really want, but until that happens (probably 2014), this is how I will be presenting my much-anticipated hard work to the masses. But this news is only 4% of the reason we are here today.

90% of the reason you are here is for my big announcement.


I’m officially going to write (attempt) a noir-based story to present to you fine folk. I’m still undecided about the target length. Whether it’ll be a short story or something a bit longer? And at this point, the project is still untitled, but I’m hoping to have these details coming soon. I have a couple of characters in the developmental stage and I thought it might be cool to inquire about some possible character names? Female names (dames), specifically. I’m looking for names that aren’t run-of-the-mill, so the Jessica’s, Ashley’s and what not will not help. Any suggestions??? ***There are no guarantees I will use any of these names.***

If you are unaware of my upcoming 30 for 30 birthday post in April, 5% of this post is meant to make sure you now know. A fishy friend of mine also did a 30 for 30 inspired post: check it out here. The countdown to my post is a go! (As can be seen as the bottom of this page, or any page on my blog.)

And for those astute readers who noticed I still have 1% unaccounted for. That 1% was saved to inform everyone that I will reluctantly watch this piece of crap Super Bowl on Sunday. That sentence is the only space on my blog I’m willing to waste on that topic. I’m seriously thinking about playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II instead.

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