Are You Ready?

It seems only a few even remember of what I speak. Most who experienced the beginning are gone or have forgotten… Now, vast and wild rumors spread in the west while whispers and passing speculation can be heard in the east. I’m here to confirm those whispers and rumors are true. A once strong and powerful entity is nearing. And when the endless dark, chilling winds, and treacherous weather passes us by, Columbia Ultimate will be here again.

The gears are slowly starting to turn now and I will be joining forces to help lead this crusade once again, like I did many years ago. A crusade that will end with Columbia Ultimate experiencing its biggest and best season yet! The perfect way to celebrate a decade of disc in Columbia, PA.

DiscIt’s time to get our ducks in a row.

Updates on the website are coming.

Spread the word:
CU10 is coming – May 2013

Are you ready?

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