Coolest Dream Ever?

-The Dream-

Dreaming of MoneyA friend and I are pulling up to a music festival he just HAD to see. For some unknown reason he thinks that the Foo Fighters are actually going to play at this wannabe festival on a rundown wooden stage in the middle of nowhere. It was only 20 bucks a ticket, not much in terms of concert tickets, especially if FF are going to play, but I can’t help but worry about the fact I only have $10 dollars to my name after spending $20 for this festival.

Later, after a long wait and maybe 200 people in the crowd, the show begins.

Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl

Somehow, we are standing behind a curtain just out of view from the crowd on the stage. I get the outrageous thought – Wouldn’t be awesome to play guitar with the Foo Fighters? I say something to my buddy about it and he agreed that it would be insane. He knows how to play all of their songs and grew his hair out like Dave Grohl, he even looked like Dave, so yeah, he’s a pretty big fan.

Next thing I know, the cover band wraps their set and Dave Grohl walks out on stage to inform the crowd that Foo Fighters will be coming on in 15 mins. People are going bonkers. My eyes lit up, I couldn’t believe they were going to play. Dave starts to walk off stage right towards us when he notices my FF shirt and pats me on the shoulder. My friend and I are freaking out!

Foo Fighters start their set with “I’ll Stick Around” (a song from their first album). When all of the sudden my buddy grabs a spare guitar from a roadie and starts jamming with them. After the song ends, he comes off stage and can’t believe he played next to Dave Grohl. After the show, Dave and a couple of his band mates come over to talk to us. Somewhere in the conversation I mention to Dave that I’m flat broke. Dave’s solution was simple. He offered me a job as their stage manager.

-The End-

It’s crazy how this dream kinda mirrored my day yesterday. I wore my red Foo Fighters shirt for Valentine’s Day, AND I listened to the FF record (their first album) that Matt Riggleman got me for Christmas. I also chatted with Christina over dinner and asked for some advice/bounced some ideas off of her on how I can create some more income? We had a fairly long conversation about it. Other than Valentine’s Day and the joys that go along with it, these two subjects could have been recognized as the topics of my day.

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