Setting The Record Straight

Long story short: Two weeks ago Christina and I watched the Grammys because I thought Shirley Bassey and Adele were going to perform. As a fan of the Bond movie franchise, I was highly anticipating the chance to hear each belt out my favorite Bond themes! It was only after we stayed up for the entire show that I realized both singers were booked to perform at the Oscars, not the Grammys. So I marked my calendar for the 24th and I’m glad I did.

Shirley Bassey dominated the crowd with a razor sharp rendition of “Goldfinger” and received a much-deserved standing ovation. Adele sang “Skyfall” and was awesome as well, but Bassey is stealing all the headlines today.

Halle Berry at the 2013 Oscars

What I didn’t bargain for was that the Oscars paying tribute to Bond with a montage celebrating 50 years of James Bond, which was introduced by Halle Berry. I guess the Oscar-winning Berry made sense since she was a Bond girl. This brings me to the topic I feel I need to address though. Something that seems to escape… well, everyone!!! So I’m going to set the record straight.

Halle Berry is one of, if not the, absolute worst “Bond Girl” EVER.

Halle Berry gets waaaaaay too much credit for her contributions to the Bond franchise. In my opinion, she didn’t contribute anything. She detracted from “Die Another Day” in every way she possibly could have. She had no presence on-screen, zero chemistry with Pierce Brosnan, and absolutely mailed in every single word she uttered during the film.

And the worst part, since she is a huge star, was that the producers and directors let Halle’s star power trample over good judgement. Because good judgement would have led to the director standing up, kicking her off set, and replacing her with ANYONE else.

Brosnan and Richards in “The World Is Not Enough”

I realize people will be quick to point to Denise Richards, Tanya Roberts, or any Bond girl from the Roger Moore era not named Barbra Bach and say they were the worst. Because they can’t imagine Halle Berry being the worst at something. I agree Richards and Roberts were bad, but what ceiling did they have? None. They were never going to be capable of doing a good job, that was just flat-out bad casting. Halle Berry is an A-list star. Which is why her performance is the most painful to bear. She completely shat the bed to the point producers not only got rid of the sheets, they had to throw the whole bed away.

I know fans are entitled to their own opinions, but if you don’t recognize that Halle Berry was atrocious and is in fact the worst Bond girl ever, I not only don’t respect your Bond fan-dom, I don’t respect you either.

4 replies to “Setting The Record Straight

  1. I’m with you, Berry was terrible in the most terrible Bond movie. Should have had it introduced by Teri Hatcher. She’s basically represented hotness and questionable acting for my entire lifetime. Isn’t that the essence of a bond girl?

    1. See that’s what most people think because good Bond girls are so few and far between.

      Pussy Galore, Triple X, and Xenia Onatopp are Bond Girls that are worthy of the title. Their roles were great! It was just a bonus to have awesome names, no shock value was needed to hit home.

      And I didn’t have a problem with Halle presenting, I just have a problem with people not calling her out for that piece of garbage performance in Die Another Day.

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