2013 Movie Theater Checklist: Top 5

2013 Movies

Back at it again here on MHB (Matt Horn’s Blog). Some may know it as Hometown Horn’s Bloggerama, either way, I’m glad you could stop by.

In attempting to expand my writing horizons, I’ve discovered that venturing out of my comfort zone is kind of a necessity. But I had too much fun writing up my movie theater checklist last year. So I had no qualms about bringing it back for round 2.

After scrolling through a list of all the 2013 movies yet to be released, a bunch of films caught my eye. When I wrote them down I realized something alarming. All the movies I picked out could be associated with (in some cases a combination of) these three words: comic, comedy, and sequel. Does that say something about me, or society in general? Probably both.

First off, I’d like to give a quick mention/shout out to some movies that didn’t quite make this years list. Movies that I will watch at some point, hopefully in the theater, but probably won’t. There’s only so much money to go around for movie tickets…

In chronological order by release date: May 17Star Trek Into Darkness, June 14This Is The End, July 26The Wolverine, September (Friday the) 13Machete Kills, and November 8Thor: The Dark Worlds. Ok, you got me, I’ll be watching Thor 2 in the theaters. 🙂

Hangover 3**5** The Hangover Part IIIRelease date: May 24th
The Hangover is legendary. Part II was a rip-off of the first movie every step of the way. And after the backlash of making literally the same movie, just in a different setting in Hangover Part II, there HAS to be fresh material in this movie. The hope for creative new material with the awesome characters the Hangover contains is why Part III narrowly edged its way onto my list. I’m putting my faith in writer/director Todd Phillips along with the wolf-pack to deliver an epic comedy. If it flops, I will be one of the first in line to crush it. Comedy, and Sequel: Check!

sin-city-a-dame-to-kill-for-poster**4** Sin City: A Dame To Kill ForRelease date: October 4th
I’ve been waiting for this film to arrive since 2007 (the original anticipated release date after Sin City come out in 2005). Back in ’05, I didn’t read comic books… I didn’t read much of anything. So I went into Sin City with a completely blank slate of expectations. Since I’ve picked up comics over the last two years, I’ve had ample opportunity to read Frank Miller’s “A Dame To Kill For” but chose not to. I enjoy the thought of re-creating the feeling I had after seeing Sin City. Hartigan, Marv, and deadly little Miho are all back for the second movie. For those who don’t know, some stories happen before those told in the first movie. I’m looking forward to the hard-edged noir style these stories present. Comic, and Sequel: Check!

Iron-Man-3-Poster** 3** Iron Man 3Release date: May 3
If you weren’t familiar with Tony Stark as Iron Man before The Avengers, you probably are now. Knowing The Avengers is one of the top grossing movies ever. I loved Iron Man, Iron Man 2 wasn’t the best, and I’m hoping for a huge rebound with Iron Man 3. No matter what happens, commercially this movie will be a hit. What I’m looking for is Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Kingsley (as The Mandarin) to deliver as the awesome actors they are. I’m hoping each brings a new element (which will be harder for RDJ due to prior outings as Iron Man) of these characters to light. I haven’t read “Extremis” yet, but I’m familiar with the story. It’s going to be a great ride. Plus, if Marvel decides to drop a few Avengers Easter Eggs along the way, that will be even better. Hint… they’re going to drop some Easter Eggs so look for them. Comic, and Sequel: Check!

**2** The Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug
Release date: December 13
Let me start by saying how great it was to see Middle-Earth on the big screen again. I loved each of the Lord Of The Rings installments. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was a welcome journey for me. I will be starting “The Silmarillion” by Tolkien soon (I’m finishing up my Bruce Springsteen biography), with full intentions of reading “The Hobbit” before Desolation Of Smaug comes out. Like I said earlier, I didn’t read much when I should have been, so I have to catch up on the good stuff normal people read eons ago. I’m glad the dwarfs are getting some Middle-Earth love. When chatting about LOTR, I often get upset that the dwarfs were only represented by one character. Getting to see the world of Middle-Earth expand is something I’m digging. Sequel: Check!

Man Of Steel**1** Man Of SteelRelease date: June 14
As a DC comics fan, this is the movie I’ve wanted to see since it was announced. The Superman franchise is relatively weak and could use a huge makeover. That’s not all though. This movie carries so much more weight than the common fan knows. With the success of Marvel’s The Avengers last summer, DC is waiting to see how Man Of Steel is received before crafting any plans to launch a Justice League of America project. I think its fitting to know that Superman has to save the world on-screen and off. Zack Snyder, the director for Man Of Steel, is going to blow past any and all expectations with his movie. It doesn’t hurt that Christopher Nolan is helping to produce the movie after his success with the Batman franchise either. Man Of Steel will soar, and an ensuing phase of DC characters will get a green-light in preparation for The Justice League. Even if Justice League won’t hit theaters until after 2015, be patient, DC will have to come to their senses sooner or later. Comic: Check!

3 replies to “2013 Movie Theater Checklist: Top 5

  1. Whoa, Hangover 3 was completely unexpected. Hard to believe you’d actually choose that over Thor, but I suppose all good blogs have some surprises. I’m also both surprised but not surprised that Machete Kills isn’t on the list. I’m also saying it should be number 1. I’m also adding this third “also”-starting sentence, because according to more than one of your movie thoughts, the second one just isn’t awesome enough.

    1. I made sure it was known that Machete Kills was on my radar with Sofia Vergara shooting something with her machine gun bra at the top of the post, plus a shout out in the honorable mentions section.

      They pushed the release date back from April to September Friday the 13th! Exactly one week after Christina and I’s wedding. The filmmaker must’ve known we were both highly anticipating Machete Kills and that was his way of giving us a wedding gift.

      1. I think all the groomsmen should dress up as Machete. That would rock. Then we’d constantly be on your case with sayings like “Machete don’t marry” and “Machete don’t do dishes”. Also, machine gun bras for all ladies.

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