A Very Rare Happening.

Let’s start this post with a quick recap.

I’ve always considered playing, watching, and analyzing sports to be fun. Reading, not so much. All of my life, if I did read something, it wasn’t by choice and I can guarantee it was a huge undertaking. Other than reading some Goosebumps books as a kid, I think I’ve only read two books in their entirety, both of which were for the same English class at HACC in 2005: “A Catcher In the Rye”, and “Tuesdays With Morrie”. 

In recent years though, I’ve come to love reading comics. I mostly purchase DC comic related material: Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Batman to name a few. Though I do love Marvel’s Winter Soldier series that writer Ed Brubaker (most famous for his work with Captain America) unfortunately just retired from.

Bruce-BookAnyway, the reason for all this background…

Something very rare took place earlier this week. I willingly read and finished a book! My mom got me “Bruce”, a biography of Bruce Springsteen by Peter Ames Carlin, for Christmas this past December. “Bruce” now stands as only the third book I’ve read from cover to cover. Not only was the book more than I bargained for, I found myself immersed with the Springsteen songs I used to love but had completely forgotten about over the years. Before reading “Bruce”, I didn’t seriously listen to The Boss in several years. When I left Vinyl in ’05, the cover band I played guitar for, I pretty much stopped seeking out Springsteen stuff.

I would love to do an entire book review of “Bruce”, because it a truly great book, but that would take at least 10,000 words and not even my much-anticipated 30 for 30 birthday post is that long (a blog I just finalized by the way).

The biggest reason for this blog is to say that I believe a train has left the station. A train I never dreamt I would ride. But I do believe I’m officially on-board the reading train now that I’ve finished “Bruce” and lived to tell about it. I already have some more books lined up for me to tackle! Plus, I figured by reading more, it’s another avenue that should help my writing.

silmarillionNext up: “The Silmarillion” by J.R.R. Tolkien

A quick funny story. Christina didn’t realize The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was the first of a Hobbit trilogy, so she was very disappointed at the end of the movie and it wasn’t the end of the story.

That’s the end of the story… I guess it’s one you just had to be there for.

I, on the other hand, knew  it was a trilogy. But instead of waiting another two years to experience how the story ends, I decided I would read “The Hobbit”, which is only 300 pages long from what I hear. After watching the new Hobbit movie in December, my buddy Nate Fish told me “The Silmarillion” was his favorite Tolkien adventure, which actually takes place many years before the events of “The Hobbit”.

My goal is to read this book, and to read “The Hobbit” before The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug comes out this December.

Thank you for reading and good day to ya!

One reply to “A Very Rare Happening.

  1. I also loved … the Goosebumps. I think I own 30-something of them. Mostly importantly, however, is that it’s great you read the Boss’s biography and loved it. I look forward to discussing some Silmarillion! (And hopefully having some lively debates on its material.)

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