2013 NL West Predictions: The Arnold Edition


With 3 of the NL West teams located in California (the state Arnold is formerly the governor of). One of which, is located smack dab in Hollywood (which Arnold has basically owned since the mid-80’s). It just felt right to do an Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired edition. The world needs more Arnold action! Well, maybe with the exception of the hard-working maids of America… Yes, that was a pretty lame love child joke attempt. Moving on! I will be handing out famous or infamously bad Arnold movies/moments for each of the teams in the NL West as I give you my predictions for how the division plays out.

Division WinnersSan Francisco Giants
Arnie TerminatorSan Fran has one of the best pitching staffs in the National League AND the reigning NL MVP in Buster Posey. What’s not to like? The Giants have won the World Series 2 of the last 3 years and their window is nowhere close to closing. If anything, they’ll get better! Especially if Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford make some strides at the plate and the Panda stays healthy for a full year. Even if the Giants do experience some injuries, they seem to mix and match line-ups with the best of them. Just as long as those stud pitchers (Cain, Bumgarner, etc…) avoid the DL. Until somebody steps up and smacks the reigning champs in the mouth, I will pick the Giants to terminate the rest of this division. When it comes to the World Series, I have a feeling they’ll be back.

2nd Place Los Angeles Dodgers
If you listen closely… it almost sounds like Arnold is saying Go, Dodgers Go!

I like the Dodgers. I’ve been following them pretty closely since Joe Torre’s first season in LA. I think this might be the best team they’ve had since then, definitely on paper anyway. Forget the fact that they got a bunch of older proven vets from Boston last year for a sec… Matt Kemp is capable of being the best hitter in the majors and can carry the team for stretches. Which is nothing to take lightly. With Kemp and Cy Young award-winning Clayton Kershaw leading this team, I feel the sky is the limit. Now add in the fact they filled the roster in with accomplished talent, granted there are some ego and maturity problems that could derail this thing, but they could push the Giants and take their crown if LA gets hot.

3rd PlaceArizona Diamondbacks
endofdaysI actually like how the Diamondbacks reshaped their squad. I do think that Justin Upton is a star, but if he wasn’t on-board with Kirk Gibson’s vision for this team then Arizona absolutely made the right move. I have faith in the line-up to produce. Additions like Martin Prado can only help plug gaps and help with locker room leadership. By purging all the strikeout victims like, Upton and Chris Young, it should make it a bit easier to manufacture runs when they need to. To me, it’s on the shoulders of the pitching staff to get this ball rolling or it could be the “End Of Days” in terms of contending for a division crown. They were great two years ago but lost their mojo last season. Daniel Hudson coming back from his injury could be a big boost. I think the Diamondback finish on the right side of .500.

4th PlaceColorado Rockies

Coors Field is not a tumor, not a tumor, at all. If anything, it’ll be the reason for the Rockies success. Because I have a feeling Colorado’s pitching is feeble, it won’t matter which MLB park they pitch in, so any wins the Rockies come by will be due to out slugging their opponents. Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki, that’s your cue, do something! And for God’s sake, just stay healthy this year…

Raw Deal5th PlaceSan Diego Padres
Playing for the San Diego Padres could be easily described as a “Raw Deal”. Because if you’re playing in S.D., you know you’re gonna lose. Which is a complete contrast to any and all Arnold fans when they watch Raw Deal – NOBODY loses!!! Arnie is in good form throughout this entire classic feature. The Padres should eventually get some injured players back like Chase Headley and at least hit the 70 win mark, but I’m making no promises. Most of the guys on this team will probably be trade fodder when the deadline rolls around. That’s a part of life when playing for the Padres.

One reply to “2013 NL West Predictions: The Arnold Edition

  1. It’s about time we got some Arnold action. (And lame maid jokes too, because they’re always appreciated…as are maids, for that matter…Arnold knows what I’m saying….) As I was saying, it’s about time, because after that bad attitude yesterday, I couldn’t wait to come on and say “Don’t drink and blog”, but…I just can’t. Especially since that’s my favorite time to blog…clearly it’s working for you too. The only real letdown here is no Pumping Iron. Or maybe that’s a NOT a let down…?

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