Dear Mongi

Hello Mongi,

I cannot believe it, but I turned 30 years old yesterday. And the last time we spoke and/or saw each other was when I was 27. It’s hard to believe that I will never experience the world as a 20-something again for as long as I live, but it’s way more difficult for me knowing that you’re not here to see me as a 30-something.

I’ve grown so much and made leaps that I didn’t even know were possible in that time period. Over the past year and a half specifically, since I started writing on this blog, I’ve matured. I feel like I’m finally capable of understanding core/fundamental aspects of living and how to approach my life. During that span I uncovered something. Something that’s probably obvious and natural for many others in order to function on a daily basis, but somehow evaded me… an identity.

I very ashamed to admit how selfish I was. I know that you knew I was selfish and I appreciate that you tried to teach me in ways that I would discover that fact for myself. I’m just sorry it took so long and that you’re not here to see my discovery. I think you would be proud.

I miss not being able to stop by and talk about anything – life, family, sports, etc… I would definitely be able to bring more to the conversations now. I finally have an opinion! I know that may sound outrageous, but it’s true.

All in all, I miss you a great deal and I think about you often. I know you’re still with me every step of the way but I look forward to the next time we meet.


P.S. – The Redskins finally found a QB, Da Bears had another promising start with a bitter end, and Norma’s Eagles were one of the worst teams in football over the past two seasons… meaning Andy Reid finally got fired.

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