The Yellow Fish

Johnny Fishman and I have a friendly (semi-rivalry) blogging relationship. But now that he has called out the big guns – having multiple guest writers come out of the woodwork, I felt like I needed to let Mr. Fishman that I’m onto his schemes (namely his plot to take over the blogging world)… so I decided to write this little poem.
****There is no actual rivalry, I just thought it might be kinda cool to make one up****

The Yellow Fish

The Fish-on-fish crimes have gone on long enough
And this surf and turf blog war could get rough
When colors convey all that needs to be said
There’s only one more qualm I must put to bed –

It’s time to paint the yellow Fish red.


7 replies to “The Yellow Fish

  1. “No actual rivalry…”!!! What?! WHAT?! Oh there’s rivalry. There’s reveling in rivalry. There’s even revealing reveling in rivalry. And it’s non-reversible, non-revisable, and most certainly non-revokable. It might also be revolting. Except if you like what Johnny reveals. Either way, you may turn my yellow red, but you’ll never take my fins.Consider yourself warned and ready for what the Fishman is about to bring…

  2. If this was a romantic comedy ya’ll would be 35 minutes from agreeing to end your rivalry followed by making out. I’m glad this isn’t a romantic comedy.

    1. Hahaha… you have no idea how glad I am this isn’t a romantic comedy if that’s how it was going to play out.

      But to combat J. Fishman and his horde of cronies… I just might have to enlist the biggest and fiercest hired gun of all – Quick-draw Dougie Fresh. The fastest draw this side of the Mississippi.

      1. I’m not sure you’d be able to keep Fresh D. on your side. He has dark side/dark schwartz written all over him. And with what Johnny is offering, he won’t be able to resist. (Note, I’m trademarking Fresh D. as Dougie Fresh’s name on the Fishwall…mwa ha ha.) If you REALLY want to get someone who’ll NEVER betray you for me, you should enlist D. Tyre, the ultimate champion of Fish-foes.

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