Yellow Fish Saga: Act Three -The Shootout


The stage is set. Hometown Horn drew first ink, now Johnny has retaliated…

[In case you missed act one (The Yellow Fish) or act two (Fishbo: First Ink), you can catch up by clicking either link] … (also be sure to check those comment sections for additional material that has fueled this feud)

***Also to be reiterated, there is no actual feud. There has not been, nor will there be, any real bloodshed or violence. This simply started as an exercise to expand my blogging horizons.***

Dare I say, there is only one way to settle such an epic blog battle. The most notorious Blog-Mob-Boss ever – Johnny Fishman (or as I like to refer to as the Blob-Boss) is outta line! Trust me, his list of dirty deeds is longer then you know. Plus, his list of crooked bloggers is endless… because Johnny’s reach is long and his pockets are deep. We can’t forget, there has been major blogshed people… You can’t forget that part. There is only one way to deal with such a sneak, such a bully, such a coward! Johnny’s corruption, and his hiding behind all these imported paper champions must be stopped.

I have no need to call in the man who owns the quickest draw this side of the Mississippi, because like I said, there is only one way to resolve this matter – And that is to call this fiend out and challenge him… Mono y mono, to a duel. A Shootout!!!

Since I’ve shown to be, or aspired to be an artist throughout this ordeal (By wanting to paint the yellow fish red) let me paint another image for you readers… On how exactly this shootout will play out. (Keep in mind – Johnny is a mob boss, and they are not to be dealt with lightly)

Now that we have that image in our heads on how this saga will come to a close. Each act has included some really bad poetry and act three will be no different. Enjoy!

The Yellow Fish swims where he likes, far and near
Til I introduce him to the business end of my fishing spear
When I turn this Yellow Fish red and hang him out to dry
He will pay for Fish-on-fish crimes – eye for an eye

7 replies to “Yellow Fish Saga: Act Three -The Shootout

  1. Speaking of fish on fish crimes…I’ve got the perfect story to demonstrate just how dirty I can be…toward fish…but that will have to wait…. More to the point, when you steal my words (blogshed!) you’d better give proper credit and cite your sources and whatnot. Otherwise, I can’t promise I won’t finslap you all over the river. Consider this a preview…probably not to be backed up for a couple days at least…as Johnny will be working many hours tomorrow. But beware! He’ll be back!

    1. Don’t be stupid… this is the shootout. LOL

      Until you have it copywrited.. I will be dropping blogshed anywhere and everywhere I like. Blob-bosses like you are going down. I won’t let you bully this blog world any longer!

  2. The name Hometown Horn reminds me of Hometown Holly ( who is one of the inspiring women in internet history. You chose a name of great distinction.

    1. Now that the Dougie Fresh has resorted to porn in the comment section. I know his loyalties now lay with Johnny Fishman.

      Ring it up… Another one bought and paid for by Johnny.

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