Draft Envy: Green Bay Packers

The NFL draft is always a big weekend. As a Redskins fan, I can tell you based on last years drafting of Robert Griffin III alone, it’s a weekend that can change the trajectory of an NFL franchise for the better very quick.

Green Bay isn’t in need of a QB like the Skins were a year ago. If you didn’t hear about Aaron Rodgers new contract extension yet – he signed a 5 year $110 million dollar extension to make him the highest paid player in NFL history yesterday. It’s good to be Aaron Rodgers right about now. Anyway…

The Packers are a very good squad. And when you’re a very good squad like GB and the NFL draft rolls around, it’s a chance for the rich to get richer. And lets not forget that the Packers are one of the very best at navigating the NFL draft. So forgive me if I have a little bit of draft envy with what Green Bay has done with one of their first two picks in particular.

Eddie-Lacy-LeapingRound 2 – 61 overall
Eddie Lacy, RB – Alabama

With NFL teams seemingly not placing a great value on the running back position any longer (Zero RB’s selected in the 1st round). What I believe to be one of the premier runners in this years draft fell all the way to the Packers in the 2nd round at 61 overall. This pick is a flat-out steal. I will be the first to admit the NFL is a passing league. But c’mon people, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for backs! The shelf life on backs might be shorter than any other position (which is why teams aren’t spending high-end picks as much) but they have the potential to immediately impact a teams offensive approach. It’s not hard to find examples of this: Clinton Portis – 2003, Adrian Peterson – 2007, Chris Johnson – 2008 and that’s only a handful.

The dynamic that Lacy will add to Green Bay will be something to see. With Aaron Rodgers and all the spread formations dictating how defensive coordinators call games against Green Bay – most of the time only facing 7  players around the line of scrimmage, the opportunity is there for Eddie Lacy to make huge impact. The table is set for Lacy to become a premier NFL running back if he runs anything like he did at Alabama. Even if Green Bay chooses not to throw the ball as much, with the departure of receivers Donald Driver and Greg Jennings, Lacy is the workhorse type that can grind a defense down.

Sounds like a win-win to me…

The Packers offense was rich before, but it just got a whole lot richer. Kudos to Green Bay.

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