Jets Cut Tebow

After a very forgettable season as a back-up quarterback and punt protector, and a draft weekend where the New York Jets selected a new QB 39th overall – Geno Smith, the Jets released Tim Tebow on Monday.

Tim Tebow’s over publicized run through the rain.

There was a bunch of talk about what New York planned to do when they traded for Tebow. Talk that continued through the preseason, and through the rain (see right), but everyone was led astray. Mark Sanchez was flat-out terrible all season. Even when Sanchez had that horrible game on Thanksgiving that invented a new term – The Butt Fumble, Rex refused to put Tebow on the field. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by this, this is Rex Ryan after all. His MO seems to be all talk and no walk, always writing checks he can’t ever cash.

Tim Tebow finds himself without a job after a weekend where all 32 NFL teams had 7 rounds worth of draft to fill any needs they have/had.

Now to the burning question: Is any other NFL squad interested in signing (and actually using) Tim Tebow?

tim-tebow-JetsTebow’s tenure with the Jets was a disaster, I get that. In my eyes, the disaster is the Jets organization and their complete mismanagement, of not only their QB situation, but their entire team. In other words – it’s not on Tebow. So if I had to guess about Tim Tebow’s future in the NFL, I would venture to think that he’ll get another shot. It probably won’t be a starting shot, at least right away, but his day will come again.

In trying to avoid the stereotypical suggestion on which team Tebow would fit. Like with the San Francisco 49ers because they have a starting quarterback who is a running quarterback. I want to dive into which team should sign Tebow, because they could not only benefit from having Tebow on the field, but in that market.

The Jacksonville Jaguars
Looking back, Tebow probably wishes he would have accepted the trade to Jacksonville over New York. It’s not rocket science as to why this is a fit.

The Jags currently have Blaine Gabbert as their starting quarterback and that’s all the further you have to dig to figure out why the Jaguars offense has been so dismal. Jacksonville already has a stud running back in place with Maurice Jones-Drew (though he is coming off injury), so it isn’t that far-fetched to think with Tebow in town, the running attack could be a full throttle one. Plus, with WR Justin Blackman having a full season under his belt, he could be the once-a-game big play guy Tebow could lean on a la Denver’s Demaryius Thomas… Throw in a dash of Tebow-magic, and they might actually find fans in the stands come each Sunday in Jacksonville! It wouldn’t be a hard sell knowing Tebow is from Florida. He could single-handedly end all the blacked-out home games. You know, so the fans can actually follow the team.

I’m not the first to suggest this union of player and team and I won’t be the last. Make it happen Jacksonville!

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