Have A Seat, Because Your Ass Will Hurt

Things might be starting to escalate a bit in the blogosphere….

Bizarro Matt Horn


Now that you are sitting down, we can begin. Hello and welcome to my blog. I am Bizarro Matt Horn. I will begin my career into the blog world with my thoughts on Iron Man 3. Trash: that is what you throw away, and where you throw it is where this movie belongs; straight to the bottom of a landfill in the middle of nowhere. There will be spoilers, so be warned.

I shall begin with Tony Stark, he has become an insomniac fear bucket ever since the incidents in New York (The Avengers). The man who was once the confident, intelligent, gadget assisted super hero is a mere shadow of his former self; spending days and nights alone creating new and different suits to combat any situation. However, what he does not create is a defense system for his own home, knowing he has put himself out there, both…

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