Iron Man 3 & Free Comic Book Day

Iron_Man_ExtremisWhere to start???

I had this past weekend marked on my calendar for quite some time due to Iron Man 3’s release Friday night (May 3rd). Before I go any further, I must say that Iron Man 3 was as awesome as I hoped it would be. Director Shane Black hit this movie outta the park. Don’t worry… I’m not going to give away any spoilers. But I will say I thought the “Extremis” plot-line was a great choice for the 3rd installment. If you loved Iron Man, but thought Iron Man 2 was a little underwhelming, you have no reason to fear seeing this movie because Iron Man 3 is no let-down. It might be the best of all 3! Which is pretty high praise when comparing against the first film. Seriously, go watch it now if you haven’t seen it yet. GO!!!

Now… Free Comic Book Day (which is always the first Saturday in May) occurring the day after Iron Man came out is just a sweet bonus.

Free Comic Book Day was something I was greatly looking forward to this year. For the simple fact that I finally didn’t have to work! The past few years (since I’ve started picking up comics) I have not been able to attend Free Comic Book Day due to (seemingly always) working on the weekends. The two stores I planned to check out each had some bonus promotional angles to get people in the store other than the free comics. Their tactics definitely got my attention.

First – Comic Book West in York, PA.

I saw a tweet on Friday about what would be available to their customers on Free Comic Book Day. Here are a few promos they had up their sleeve: free pizza, discounts on variant cover comics, free photo-op with the Ghostbusters, and a free photo-op with Batman. I stuck around for about 30 minutes at a very busy Comic Book West… only to leave semi-disappointed. The free pizza was a bust. They said it would be available at 11am so I showed up at 11 to find zero pizza. Only 1 dude and 2 chicks dressed up as the Ghostbusters. I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember any girls in the Ghostbusters. Unfortunately Batman wasn’t scheduled to arrive until noon so I missed him.

Though, I was able to locate the comics that I wanted to grab like the newest Winter Soldier, Judge Dredd Year One, and some of the freebies… So this trip was not a total bust.

Second – The Comic Shop in Lancaster, PA…. this is the part you’ll get a kick out of and be glad you read this post.

Comic Book West did not have the newest Green Arrow I was looking for so it was the only non-freebie I was looking to grab at the Comic Shop. Which I did successfully. I got there around 12:30 only to find longer lines than Comic Book West which surprised me because Comic Book West was packed. But at that time, I didn’t know what the Comic Shop had in store for their customers. The main attraction at the Comic Shop wasn’t the free comics. At 2pm, a certain WWF legend was scheduled to arrive for a free autograph/photo-op session – the one and only “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan!

Hacksaw Jim DugganI actually left the comic shop around 12:45, but I the power of “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan drew me back at 1:45. When I pulled up, the entire parking lot was filled and there was a huge line with fans standing, waiting, and holding various pieces of wood for Mr. Duggan to sign. It was quite a seen if I say so myself.

I went into the store to get out of the sun while waiting. Around 2:05 I heard it, Hacksaw’s official battle cry – Hooooooooo and I knew he had arrived.

I stepped out the door and snapped this photo of him sitting down to sign the first autograph of the day.

Seeing “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan not only made my day on Saturday, but it officially made Free Comic Book Day legendary in my eyes.

Already looking forward to Free Comic Book Day 2014!

2 replies to “Iron Man 3 & Free Comic Book Day

  1. Oh man, I forgot to ask you about Hacksaw after seeing in the newspaper that he’d be around. I take it you didn’t wait in line for an autograph…but that’s awesome that you got to see him without waiting. But more importantly, you didn’t mention what free comics you got. Planning to blog about them later? I expect full reviews, and full-frontal pics!

    1. Seeing Hacksaw was freakin great! He was wrestling down at the Lancaster Host later on Saturday night. I thought about getting some tickets after everyone at the comic shop buzzing about the match.

      The line to get his autograph was around the building. There has been no love lost for Jim Duggan in Lancaster.

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