In RG3 I Trust.

Redskins-AvengersWhen I saw this picture of The Redskins Avengers I decided it wasn’t too soon to start posting Skins’ related material again. And yes – RG3 is back… on the practice field at least.

I believe this is my first Redskins post since January. Since THE injury. I realize basically the entire world weighed in/voiced their opinion(s) about how Mike Shanahan/Robert Griffin III handled (mismanaged) RG3’s knee injury. Starting with when he injured it in Baltimore thru Washington’s playoff game against Seattle. Which is why I’m going to clarify my stance moving forward. Most people don’t feel this way when it comes to RG3’s sacred knee, so this next statement may actually come as a surprise…

RG3-American-FlagIn RG3 I trust!

I get that players tend to be less than trustworthy when it comes to detailing injuries due to the fear of losing their starting/roster spot, but I don’t believe that sentiment comes into play with RG3 moving forward at all.

I must also state that I hate how players can just be lumped into a big pile and be branded as “players”. This branding – *that all players approach the game this way, and all players do this and do that* is due to the fact so many ex-players are now in the media posing as experts. Yes – I did say posing. Most of the ex-players who catch on as analysts are complete trash. I could list about 20 of these particular people off the top of my head, but I don’t want to stray too far off topic – which is for fans/coaches to listen to RG3 about how he is progressing, not pressure him to play before he’s ready. Because Robert Griffin III is not “all players” and definitely shouldn’t be cast into some stereotype about how “players” do things.

Robert Griffin III back on the practice field last week.
Robert Griffin III back on the practice field last week.

Listen. I know it didn’t work out well listening to Griffin the first time around. RG3 played and played hurt in the playoffs when he probably shouldn’t have, but I truly believe listening to Griffin the best way to approach his comeback for the 2013 season. Example – Derrek Rose for the Chicago Bulls. Not that I think Griffin will miss the entire year, but I applaud how Rose and the Bulls didn’t succumb to the pressure for Rose to come back during the playoffs.

Griffin is an intelligent guy. Intelligent people learn from their mistakes. And I believe that RG3 learned something the hard way this past season. Which is why I trust him to make the best possible decisions moving forward referring to his injury. By no means am I saying to ignore doctors, just want to make that clear. Eventually RG3 will get the doctor’s clearance to play, hopefully from staff doctors and non-staff doctors, but I have faith that Robert Griffin III will know when he’s able to play at the high level he’s capable of playing at and helping this Redskins team avenge that playoff loss from a season ago.

4 replies to “In RG3 I Trust.

  1. “A black Thor????” “And why not? It worked in blazing saddles…” -Achoo [Bless you], from Men in Tights.

    That’s a lot of trust to place in one player. Let’s hope the whole team feels that way…because I hear Hulk isn’t always a team player.

    1. Calling him superhuman may have been bad luck, but I think RGIII is about to turn this season around. He’s slowly been showing signs of progress.

      I absolutely hate that the hype machine when it comes to sports coverage anymore… Seems like fans and such HAVE to be be on one side or the other – They’re on fire or they suck ass… Personally, I think they’re embarrassing themselves.

      Teams are able to play great games and lose. They can also play horrible games and win. 3 games into the season is far too early to dismiss any team.

      (The Avengers pic is awesome btw…)

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