We Know Brittney Griner Can Dunk…

Griner vs Delle Donne
Elena Delle Donne (left), Brittney Griner (right)

I know dunks are not a huge part of the women’s game. The logic for almost no dunking in the WNBA is simple: 1) Most of the WNBA players playing aren’t very tall. 2) WNBA players can’t leap very high to boot. So when a woman does dunk, ESPN makes it *Front. Page. News.*

The WNBA’s #1 overall pick in the 2013 draft, Brittney Griner, made her WNBA debut last night for the Phoenix Mercury. Griner managed 17 points in her first game, a game that included 2 dunks. Her night was spoiled though because Elena Delle Donne, the #2 overall pick, put up 22 points for the opposing (victorious) Chicago Sky. Now that our opening night recap is over…

I saw this graphic on ESPN.com earlier… a comparison between Griner and Candice Parker… the WNBA’s other “notable dunker”.

   Parker Griner
Games    119 1
Dunks    2 2
Career Pts    2,041 17
Draft Pick    1 1

Which brings me to what this is really about.

I know the WNBA isn’t very popular and they’ll take any and all PR they can get to sell the league. But please ESPN, can we stop with the OMG! – Brittney Griner dunked… or anyone dunked angle???

Yes, Brittney Griner and Elena Delle Donne are each great players. Both will help promote the league and that is something the WNBA desperately needs. ESPN isn’t doing the WNBA any justice by posting numbers about dunk totals.

Like ESPN living and dying with Tim Tebow’s every movement, this is just another example on how the 4-letter network fails sports fans.

2 replies to “We Know Brittney Griner Can Dunk…

  1. It’s about time you got some females on your sports blog. Woo! I also read that the average height in the WNBA is 5’11”, vs. 6’7″ in the NBA. Just some more numbers for this four letter written material to get excited about.

    1. I watch ESPN a bunch, but sometimes they make my skin crawl with the stories they promote as breaking, or top stories.

      Like most businesses who have cornered their specific market, ESPN’s focus is on ratings/money aspects… and not about credibility. Anyone can watch 1 episode of “First Take” and see exactly what I’m talking about.

      Marginal stories being over-sexed and sensationalized by horrible personalities/analysts. Yes, I’m looking at you Skip Bayless…

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