Brian & Jen’s Wedding Toast

**I wanted to thank everyone for the warm reception I received regarding the speech I wrote for Brian and Jen. Here is my speech word for word.**

Good evening everyone.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Brian’s older brother Matt and I’d like to thank everyone for coming to celebrate Brian and Jen tying the knot tonight. Last weekend, I helped Brian, Jen, and Ava move into their first home together. Tonight, I have the honor of giving the toast for this special family on this most special of nights.

Brian and I were good kids. But that doesn’t mean that he didn’t try to annoy the crap out of me when we were younger. He did. Successfully. Many times. The thing that annoyed me the most though was our old neighbor, John Shillow. Mr. Shillow had many stories to tell, but there was only one message he would constantly remind me of. He would say: “Matt, you may be older and bigger than Brian now, but when he grows up, he’s going to be better than you.” I would get so mad. I told Mr. Shillow he was crazy, that could never happen.

Mr. Shillow passed on a long time ago. But if he were here tonight, regardless of who is better, I would take this opportunity to prove to him that even on Brian’s wedding night, that I’m the Best Man.

That said, we all know that I couldn’t be the Best Man without Brian. And I couldn’t be more proud of who he has grown be. If Mongi and Pap were here, they would be proud too, and so happy that he found his soul mate in Jen. A life partner who will… hopefully feed this guy!

It’s easy to see how fabulous Brian and Jen look together, especially tonight, but it’s important for me to share that they are a great team as well. They are trustworthy, kind, and gentle souls who are willing to put each others needs before their own. And both will most definitely give one little Miss Ava the home-life, love, and affection she desires and deserves.

The thought of love having endless bounds stuck with me when I sat down to prepare my toast for tonight because I recently saw a movie called Cloud Atlas. The story explored a notion of love being deeper than a strong emotional bond between two individuals. Alluding to the thought that love is an everlasting force that does not parish. Not even in death, and that kindred spirits will always find a way to connect and prosper from one lifetime to the next.

I couldn’t help but think of how smooth and natural Brian and Jen’s connection came to be. Almost as if their paths crossing was somehow destined. Just like the kindred spirits in Cloud Atlas, who unknowingly managed to rediscover their bond lifetime after lifetime.

As we gather to celebrate Brian and Jen’s vow to love and accompany each other in this grandiose journey of life. I must say that I’m extremely proud to be standing by their side as they take their first steps as Mr. & Mrs. Brian Horn. Brian, Jen, and Ava, please know that I’ll always be available and willing to help you in any time of need, as much as I humanly can.

Everyone, please raise your glass.

To Brian & Jen – The wedding is only the first of many great adventures to conquer, and only the first of many great memories you both are sure to create and share together.


2 replies to “Brian & Jen’s Wedding Toast

    1. Thank you – I really didn’t know what to expect, but the feedback I received was overwhelmingly good. Many told me it was the best toast they had heard at a wedding.. which I thought was pretty neat.

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