ESPN Wants Yasiel Puig To Be An All-Star…

Yasiel PuigDuring Yasiel Puig‘s last game, he reached the 100 AB (at bats) threshold for the season. Can you believe that? Only 100 AB’s…

The way ESPN has been pimping Puig out though, it could make anyone think that Puig is actually Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, or Joe DiMaggio in disguise. Like if Yasiel Puig would not make the 2013 MLB All-Star game, it would be a snub of historic proportions.

Keep in mind, Puig has only played 26 games for the Dodgers so far. I realize Los Angeles is a huge market and Puig is a fresh face who has revitalized a team that wasn’t living up to expectations. But for once, can ESPN’s money-hungry and self-serving schemes take a back seat?? Who knew the MLB All-Star game was broke and needed ESPN to fix it? I sure didn’t.

The best and easiest example of why Puig and his hot hitting in June should not make the All-Star game: Any player can get hot for a month. Look at Justin Upton’s April of this season when he blasted 12 homers, but has only hit 3 since. Justin Upton has come back down to earth in a big way. I’m not sure if Upton makes the All-Star cut or not, but I honestly think he shouldn’t. Upton’s power outage doesn’t help and his overall numbers just aren’t that good either. Just because Puig’s hot month came right before the All-Star break, doesn’t mean he should automatically get in.

The world won’t end if Puig does or doesn’t make this year’s mid-summer classic. He’ll probably end up making the team since it is up to a fan vote… and since ESPN hasn’t stopped talking about how legendary Puig is. I mean, what would shows like ESPN’s “First Take” ever talk about if Yasiel Puig hadn’t arrived? Tim Tebow again?

My message to ESPN: It would be a breath of fresh air if ESPN would actually throw its weight behind a story that deserved the coverage once in a blue… I’m deathly sick and tired of watching whatever is thrown into the hype machine.

3 replies to “ESPN Wants Yasiel Puig To Be An All-Star…

  1. Amen. There was a big market rookie outfielder who went on a similar initial tear and had similar rave reviews. His name is Shane Spencer, the year was 1998, and that’s all I have to say about that.

      1. Could you imagine the hyperbole and sensationalism that would be occurring if Henry Rowengartner had made his rookie season in 2013 rather than 1993? I mean the projections, the fact-or-fictions, the post game interviews…it would have been unbearable. And I could just see the Behind the Lines story about Chet Steadman banging his mom and it’s effect on the clubhouse.

        …you know, had his arm not gotten reinjured/fixed, he would have been a 7 year vetaran by the time he lost his virginity to Tara Reid in Stifler’s lakehouse.

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