Houston, You Got A Problem Child


Yes. This is more web space wasted on Dwight Howard. ———–>>>

Last night, everyone who gave a damn FINALLY found out whether Dwight Howard was going to re-sign in L.A. or run for the hills because it got a little too hard for him. As expected he didn’t re-sign.

At least I never expected him to re-sign. So Howard’s announcement of signing with the Houston Rockets came as no surprise.

Personally, I kinda hoped he would re-sign with the Lakers. So Kobe, and Dwight could be miserable together. AND!!! Dwight would have another chance to get a coach fired.

If somehow you are reading this and don’t know anything about Dwight Howard and his path of carnage, let’s do a little recap.

  • Dwight got whiny, intolerable, and turned Orlando’s good vibes into the now famous “Dwightmare”.
  • Dwight got head coach Stan Van Gundy fired from Orlando.
  • Dwight forced the Orlando Magic to trade him to the Lakers
  • Dwight didn’t mesh with Kobe Bryant, coach Mike D’Antoni… and whined some more.
  • Dwight, who says he wants to win championships, has become a player that is toxic to a basketball team despite currently being one of the most dominating Centers in the NBA.
  • Dwight couldn’t cut it in L.A. and ran for the hills (Houston) the first chance he got.
What, You expected me to stay? Child please...
What, You expected me to stay? Child please…

Alright, now that we’re all caught up. I just wanted to let everyone in on a little secret.

Dwight keeps on looking for “better” situations to try to win a NBA championship. Even though he talks about winning championships, he can’t handle the expectation of actually winning one. So when Dwight arrives and the expectation of winning is present, he mentally checks out. He’s just plain and simply not mature or tough enough to win an NBA championship.

Players like Howard will never win until they realize that you can’t be the “number 1” franchise type player and not set the standard for the rest of the team. By holding your teammates accountable, but holding yourself to an even higher standard. Not goofing off and sticking your thumb in your bum when crunch time arrives.

James Harden – I feel bad for you. You made the Houston Rockets a contender last season with your play. Now you have to deal with this head-case coming to town…. Don’t jam your neck while hitting your head against the wall trying to figure out how to make Dwight Howard care. He won’t. He only cares about not being a target for fans to boo, not winning NBA Championships.

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