Chapter 3: Lacy

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Dark Alley Noir

***Wednesday morning around 1am, November 3rd.***

She stops and peaks over her shoulder.

“See ya soon.” She says with a smile. I nod and wave.

Lacy – The love of my life. She walked into Mick’s and flipped my world upside down.

I’d hate her if I didn’t love her. After everything she’s done… not many could forgive.

Like any rainbow, she’d there one moment and gone the next. For 2 years we were on and off again. Never “off” by my choice. Chilton could paint anything black, but when Lacy walked into Mick’s tonight I saw colors everywhere, so vibrant. I hadn’t seen Lacy in well over a year, probably closer to two. And Goddamn, she looked good.

The wind is strong, bitter, and brutally cold. You can’t avoid the cold in Chilton, it finds you. The surprise of seeing Lacy tonight helps me stagger through it. I hope Lacy didn’t walk far in this.

The anger, the loneliness… My mind was breaking. I was on the verge of rage. But now, there’s nothing. No anger. Still no damn rent. Nothing except the Lacy… and this arctic November wind howling off Lake Chilton.

She grew up in Rock City, the west side. Her parents were elite upper class. All of the elite lived on the west side. She always said their money allowed her to have a free spirit and no worries. Everyone else called it for what it was – spoiled. I saw both sides. The good and the bad.

Lacy was a down-right heartbreaker. She never had to try, it only took a blink as she walked by. She was the girl the guys hoped they could tame. I was foolish to think I broke through a couple of times. She knew she could have her pick of the litter, at any given time. Lacy wasn’t afraid to demonstrate it. She always got what she wanted.

I confronted her about a pack of cigarettes that fell out of her purse at Tuesday’s once. She knew I hated cigarettes and decided to start smoking anyway. She refused to stop. Said she needed the nicotine. How she needed the nicotine after a full two days of smoking is beyond me? Just her spoiled rich-bitch antics in full swing. She went to the bar to order a drink. Left with the only guy sitting at the bar. I should hate her for the all the trouble, and all the pain she caused me.

None of that matters anymore.

What did matter was Lacy, and finding some money to get on my feet. Enough to give Maggie what I owed, or find another place. When it came to Lacy, my lack of money was a problem. For her and her parents. One of the main reasons she decided to split from me nearly two years ago. When a girl can have any guy, why would she pick one with only a quarter and a guitar pick in his pocket? I may be poor, but I’m not and idiot.

All of the sudden – squad cars race by. They’re everywhere. Candy’s Room isn’t the safest place to be this time of night and it looks like that huge crowd got outta hand after all. As I walk closer, an eerie feeling comes over me.

Shit! Candy’s is hysteria. The cops are charging in, the crowd charging out. I barely escape the people scattering in every direction.

I can’t feel the horrific Chilton wind anymore. I can’t feel anything – I’m numb. Something went sour. Never fails when the mob is involved. Normally, I don’t look and keep walkin’… but I’m sick to my stomach. Something is deathly wrong. It’s the same feeling I had two months ago when Bill, my dad’s one-time partner, told me he was killed on duty.


I see her.

Lacy – The love of my life. She walked into Mick’s and flipped my world upside down. The anger. The RAGE. I can’t contain it as I run to her body in the alley. My heart shatters into a billion pieces.

Like a rainbow, she was here one moment, and gone the next.

Chapter 2: A Face In The Crowd —      — Chapter 4: Rock City —

One reply to “Chapter 3: Lacy

  1. So cold…oh so cold… I can’t believe you killed off Lacy already. She seemed expendable on her own, but she brought out so much in the main guy. I will say that I can’t wait to meet Bill..heh.

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