Chapter 4: Rock City

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Rock City

***Sometime Friday, November 12th. Four days after Lacy’s Funeral.***

Finding Lacy’s body – I can’t stop replaying it in my head. Don’t see how I’ll ever get passed it. How could I? She was talking to me at Mick’s one minute, then stabbed outside of Candy’s the next. She had just walked back into my life, flipped my world upside down. I was depressed before, now there’s only hate.

In Chilton, everyone’s got problems, and I’m no different. Rent, hell… that’s at the bottom of my long list.

I know Maggie needs the rent – she knows I’m in a dark place. I’m brooding. Haven’t gone to work since Lacy’s funeral. I’m consumed with hate. We both know its only a matter of days til she kicks me out. I can’t blame her for it. Maggie knows I don’t give two shits about anything now. She deserves better. Hell, drinking myself into a stupor won’t pay the rent. I need kicked out… and another goddamn drink.

Chilton – The Icebox, the only thing it’s good for is a cold drink. People here learned that a long time ago.

Living in Chilton takes its toll on your soul. It’s icy grasp ripped away everything I care about. I’m on the verge of being completely withered and rotten. All my nerves are exposed and only Jack can numb the pain. Since that night, he’s the only one I’ve spent any time with.

Chilton is hell, no fire and brimstone, just a wasteland with an endless body count. Anywhere else is better than here. If there is a God, even he knows that.

First my father, now the love of my life – Lacy, murdered. They’re both just another file thrown onto some corner desk along with the rest. The cold ones pile up fast in Chilton.

I’ll be on the street within days. Only one choice to make at that point. Freeze to death with Enrique in the back alley, or hit the road to Rock City. Grab my guitar and go, that’s what I always said. I only ever wanted to play in the rock & roll. Now, I’m drowning in booze and hate. I don’t give a shit what happens or where I’ll go. I only know one thing – If Chilton was hell on Earth, Rock City was Satan’s playground.

In Rock City, chasing fame & fortune, having the time of your life, it was never a hard sell. Even if your fame, fortune, and life only lasted through the night. Anything is possible when greed consumes everyone.

It was the perfect place for the mob to set up shop – and they did. On the east side, not far from the Canadian border. Johnny Timmons and his boys came in guns blazing, took over all existing operations – the drug and sex trafficking, the underground gambling rings… and the police department. When he made his move, he wanted to make sure he was untouchable. The whole east side of Rock City was his now.

Keeping a distance from the mob is hard. Their influence is everywhere, not just in Rock City. Their treachery has spread – Chilton, Crawford, Boyle, even past the border into Canada. While the mob’s one hand is in every cookie jar, the other hand is up every skirt. Check your pockets, but don’t be surprised if all you find are cookie crumbs. I wouldn’t doubt for a second if you told me every single dollar bill in Chilton has ties back to the Rock City mob.

It’s rumored when the Rock City mob’s top generals get together to grab a drink, they sit down and poke fun at The Sopranos. Though, most rumors that pass through Chilton are not lighthearted. The rumors are meant to instill fear. And the people here have come to know every rumor has a thread of truth to it.

Honest people are becoming fewer and fewer, they know to stay the hell away from the mob. The mob is ruthless. Most encounters with the Rock City mob end quick, or end heinous. Recently, gauging from details in the paper, it’s been a combination of both. The image of Lacy laying face down in the alley – scorched into my head. I can’t escape it. They left her and 5 other bodies at Candy’s that night.

A week later, still no one knows what happened? I’m not surprised. There’s never any leads, no anything. Same shit-storm, different day.

I hear quick footsteps coming up the stairway – Maggie. I thought I’d have a few days yet. I guess she’s just decided to get this over with? Maggie’s waited for her rent money for too long as is.

Shit. Some star I turned out to be. I’m flat on my ass, skipped the glory and dove head-first into a pool of alcohol and misery. I’m just a poor, drunk, failure with hate in my heart. I’ll be right at home with these other bums on the street.

There’s nothing left for me here. Time to decide – stay here and freeze on the streets of Chilton, or hitch a ride to Rock City…

— Chapter 3: Lacy —       — Coming Soon – Chapter 5 —

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