Should Tim Tebow Be Part Of The Cleveland Browns Rebuilding Process?

The Browns are no strangers to losing. So the fear of losing shouldn’t steer the front office/management’s rebuilding game plan. Since coming back to the NFL in 1999 they’ve had 2 winning seasons.

This weekend Brian Hoyer will start for the 0-2 Browns. That’s right, not Brandon Weeden. Not even back-up QB Jason Campbell, but 3rd stringer Brian Hoyer. This quarterback situation is desperate. Very desperate. And desperate times call for desperate measures.

If I recall, there is a certain QB who didn’t make the Patriots final roster and is still currently a free agent – good ole Tim Tebow!

Tim Tebow-Browns

Hear me out for a second before clicking away from my blog permanently.

The void at QB in Cleveland is why they’ve been so bad for so long. So why not bring in Tebow and make the offense a running offense? He’s shown he can throw the ball “enough” to win games. The ball control a running game like that would provide would benefit the Browns defense for sure.

Tebow’s spread offense in Denver started something in 2011. 2012 is proof of that. Just look at the success Washington enjoyed with RG3 last year. Same with Seattle and Russell Wilson, and San Fransisco with Colin Kaepernick. The spread offense is working its way into the league quickly.

Sure those 3 QB’s have superior passing skills when compared to Tebow, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it could never work. It would definitely be a scheme that wouldn’t cost the franchise a huge contract.

To the Browns faithful who have endured these ridiculously bad times for so long. I think the question that needs to be posed at this point: Why not?

4 replies to “Should Tim Tebow Be Part Of The Cleveland Browns Rebuilding Process?

    1. HAHAHA

      The Browns have to be considered the worst NFL franchise. The Jaguars simply haven’t be around long enough. (Obviously going back to pre-Ravens Browns)

      Could Tebow answer Cleveland fan’s prayers for a winning team? I would like to see him at least try.

  1. At this point, why the hell not?! Sign him for one year, everybody (including Weeden) knows that they’re looking for a quarterback in the draft. – he certainly can’t make things worse!!

    1. I hear ya. If they are forfeiting the rest of the season after 2 weeks Cleveland could easily bring in Tebow and play him. If he wins – great. The Browns and Tebow will be EVERYWHERE. If he loses – they were expecting to lose anyway.

      Thanks for your comment!

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