Batman Admission

BenAffleckBatmanWhere to start?

I, along with most of the civilized world, had initial thoughts/reactions to the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

Since then, because I’m pretty sure once a person feels one way on the topic that first thought must remain in order to keep their credibility, I must admit that I’m actually starting to creep closer to the side most fans wouldn’t be caught dead on. Which is the side of support for Ben Affleck as Batman.

And I’m not sure why either?

I’d seen Argo before the announcement of Ben as the bat and still had a bad reaction to the casting. My best guess for this change of heart is that I have complete faith in the source material – the comics.

Oh yea… I saw this video from BatInTheSun too.

2 replies to “Batman Admission

    1. Ha… Damon as Robin, I don’t think so. It would take A LOT for me to lose complete interest in DC or Marvel properties on the big screen. And Matt Damon as Robin is pushing the limit. He is a very good actor, but I want people to be invested in the movie for the movie’s sake, not for cheap thrills due to Affleck/Damon bro-mance.

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