The CW Made The Right Move By Scrapping Their Wonder Woman Pilot.

wonder-woman-with-lasso-of-truthBefore The CW‘s show based on DC Comic’s Green Arrow, simply titled “Arrow” (you know, that Green Arrow show I’ve posted about a bunch…), was a hit last year. The CW had intentions of bringing Wonder Woman back to the small screen. And considering the climate for comic-related material these days, it didn’t seem like a bad idea. So a pilot episode was ordered for a potential Wonder Woman show.

Sorry Adrianne, this pilot was awful.

I have absolutely no idea how the project got SO out of hand, but one can only imagine that the WW pilot The CW ordered resembled zero, nothing, zilch to the one they received. THANKFULLY is was completely scrapped.

This pilot is a disaster. I can’t believe Adrianne Palicki, who plays Wonder Woman in this monstrosity, or any credible actor/actress (there is a Cary Elwes sighting) would even think about attaching themselves to such a horrible script. I was appalled with how bad this interpretation turned out.

I’m not sure how this pilot even got leaked? I only just stumbled upon a link while browsing my Google+ page…

Ben Affleck Batman Vs Superman
Wait, I’m Batman???

My guess (assuming it was only leaked recently, because I have no idea when it first became available) would be that someone thought it might be a good idea to leak it since there are now rumors swirling around about Wonder Woman being cast for the new Batman vs Superman flick. You know, that’s that one movie that Ben Affleck was cast to play Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as Batman…

Anyway, I had a link below to the pilot below, but I’m guessing someone got rid of it. Mind you, the episode was never actually finished, so there are blatant CG errors within the pilot, but even if they were fixed there was no hope for this show.


2 replies to “The CW Made The Right Move By Scrapping Their Wonder Woman Pilot.

    1. Yeah, the jet was terrible, Diana flipping out about marketing “her tits”, and one of the corniest “villians”.. this whole thing is an embarrassment.

      I’m not sure who I’d like to see cast as a possible Wonder Woman, but I know Cher isn’t even close to my list.

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