Arrow Season 2 Premieres October 9th


I posted the sizzle reel that was released at San Diego Comic Con for season 2 of Arrow when I shared my thoughts about Nightwing being a great candidate from the DC universe to be featured on the show. (If you missed it, check it out here)

Oh yea, before I forget – This article is worth checking out too. Talks about a possible Nightwing or The Question appearance on Arrow.

The sizzle reel was excellent. I was excited for the return of Arrow anyway, but the sneak peek into season 2 showed some things I didn’t expect. Namely – a possible Black Canary sighting so early on??

The promo I saw today though has me scratching my head a little. I’m not sure what to think about it? Here watch for yourself…

I hope that the season doesn’t open with this scene. Check that, I could honestly do without this scene entirely. If they do include it, I hope it actually leads to something worth while. Cause the idea of Oliver retreating to the island after the destruction of the Glades is pretty weak in my opinion.

A return to, or another possible entrapment on the island should be saved for something way greater if you ask me.

One reply to “Arrow Season 2 Premieres October 9th

  1. If he does go there, it seems like an opening thing. He won’t stay there long. He can’t stay there long…seeing as we still don’t know what happened beyond his first year on the island. It wouldn’t make sense. I agree that going back should be saved…at least until season 6, assuming they continue one year of island per season…otherwise for whenever the flashbacks finish.

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