Our Wedding Experience

I can’t believe it but tomorrow marks 4 weeks since 9/6 – ya know, that wildly amazing day at the beginning of the September when Christina and I got hitched.

Having all of our family and friends on hand for the rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding festivities, wedding, reception, and the wedding after-party was beyond complete awesomeness, I honestly don’t have words to describe the feeling. September 2013 was one of the greatest months ever. Literally, it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

It is impossible to share all the highlights from our wedding, so this post’s goal is to share as many as I can.

First up! Fish With Horns @ the wedding rehearsal dinner.

Fish with Horns closing our set with “You Got It” by Roy Orbison

Other than being locked out of St. Johns for about 30 mins (wedding rehearsal almost was held in the parking lot), that Thursday night before our Friday wedding was a roaring success. Christina and I were thrilled that everyone had such a good time. After everybody was able to grab a bite to eat, Fish with Horns played an epic 5 song set at the rehearsal dinner. Christina’s sister Casey even joined us as a guest singer for a song. Nate Fischer (pictured above to the left on bass guitar and backing vocals) & and I were able to defeat impending sickness/sore throats to performing the vocal aspect of the Fish with Horns performance. It would have been a shame to practice for those months leading up to the rehearsal dinner only to not play, so we did what we had to and powered through. The rehearsal party lasted well after the set concluded as everyone discovered the game room featuring a Foosball and Ping-Pong table. I’ll have to remember for my next party that alcohol, music, food, and Foosball is a winning combination.

Next – The reason for all this gloriousness – The Wedding!!


Let me relay a quick story that my Grandma told me the day after the wedding.

My grandma told me that when she got married to my pap. A friend of hers that she rode the bus with daily, who was at their wedding, told my grandma that she couldn’t stop looking at my pap. Apparently from the start of the ceremony, all the way to getting announced as husband and wife, my pap has beaming with pure happiness. “His smile was beaming”, was the exact quote this lady told my grandmother on the bus the following week.

After my grandma told me that, she then said that she couldn’t stop thinking about that story during Christina and I’s wedding. That I was glowing during the entire ceremony, like my pap was when they got married.

I’ll let those statements speak for themselves. Because I can’t paint a better or more meaningful and poetic picture about how great I felt.

IMG_9702Next up – The Reception.

I cannot believe it’s already been a month!! Everything is still as vivid to me like it happened yesterday. The cookie bar was a huge hit, Christina’s sister Sabrina Murphy and my Best Man – Matt Riggleman, delivered great toasts [after giving a Best Man’s toast at my brother Brian’s wedding (Read Brian & Jen’s Wedding Toast here), the toasts were something I was looking forward to at Christina and I’s wedding], our DJ – Kevin Hallman, rocked the mic for Nelly’s “Hot In Herre”, AND I danced the night away with my wife. Something I was terrified to do (because I’m just a flat-out horrible dancer), but ended up having an excellent time.

Like I said before, Christina and I were extremely thrilled that our family and friends were able to make it back for our day. To be able to share that experience with everyone meant a ton.

And the good times kept rolling – Saturday cook-out @ My Dad’s
(Since I don’t have access to any photos from the cookout, I’ll leave you with another jam from FwH)

Not quite sure how it happened, but we still had some alcohol left over from the wedding. So… while people were still in town it made sense to have them over to drink it. We had a 6-foot sub from Subway, chili dogs, more cookies, and all the wine and beer from the previous night – it made for a good time. The weather was great and getting to sit down and hang out with everyone before they left was even better. The atmosphere in general – from mid-day Thursday when guests started to arrive to midnight Saturday night when the last of us left the cookout is something I personally will never forget.

Last, but definitely not least: The Honeymoon.

After our waiter found out it was our honeymoon, he brought these strawberries out for us.

Christina and I departed for Virginia Beach Sunday morning. And I’m so glad we ended up choosing Virginia Beach as our destination. We had one of the most relaxed and fun times there. We hit the beach, ate at a bunch of great restaurants, had a blast at the Funny Bone comedy club, and all-in-all just enjoyed our surroundings. I figure I’ll let ya check out a few pics we took from the honeymoon to end this post. Later…




6 replies to “Our Wedding Experience

    1. Dude.. Having you and Missy here and getting the hang out was excellent. Again, we thank you!

      Hopefully, we can make it down for St. Patty’s day in March.

  1. I have to agree: this was one the best and most fun months on record. Probably at my top…certainly at the top of the last ten years since everyone went their separate ways. And not just because of the laughs, but because of the mushy moments too. Like cake in the face…no really, I think those wedding nights meant a lot to all of us. And I’m not talking about the bride and groom’s, although I’m sure that was mushy too…I’m talking about sharing moments with all my best friends, and of course Doug, who’s simply the man…and, oh, did I mention I had the best date there? The best…if not necessarily the cutest…sorry GL. All this…all thanks to you and Christina. You brought us together. Then you showed us how good life can be…just by seeing you two together and including us in your moment. Like the story in your blog, you really were beaming. And it was inspirational. Okay, now I’m getting just a little toooo mushy. However, I must include one last bit: I said it before, but I’m glad I got to escort your grandmother to her seat, where she had a great view of that beamingness that so lit up the day.

    As for the rest, I’d hate to leave anything out, especially the toasts, which were spot on, and the dancing, which for once in my life didn’t make me nervous. It just felt like everything clicked without even trying, which, of course, is really the only way to have a perfect night, by not striving for it, but by just letting it happen. And you did just that.

    So Aquaman raises his trident to you, Superman. May the river of bliss that was your wedding weekend become an ocean that you sail on for the rest of your days…

    …Hey, that’s not a bad line.

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