Y-Fish 5: I Like My Fish Fried

***Again, I will reiterate [In case you haven’t previously read any of the Yellow Fish Saga (The epic blog-war between one Johnny Fishman and myself) and aren’t up to speed] there is no actual feud. There has not been, nor will there be, any real bloodshed or violence. This simply started as an exercise to expand my blogging horizons. And now, I will finally put an end to all this madness.***

Gene got a little heated with Fish & Friends. You don’t want to get Gene heated…

The Yellow Fish Saga is no joking matter, and the final results of this blog war will only leave one Johnny Fishman sadder. Like when I’m pitching Wiffle ball and J. Fish is the batter – striking him out and then razzing him with all my chatter. Yes, it’s true. I’m taking this saga to the next level. I’m not only turning the Yellow Fish red – I’m not stopping there, I’m gonna make him turn blue too.

When he predicted “blogshed shall run”, little did he know it would be his own blogshed. Johnny is bleeding red, and I’m gonna let him bleed until he’s blue. Then, I just might fillet him too.

Johnny Fishman’s – Fishbo: First Ink

Johnny’s ego has been hit, and hit hard. Where were all the Fish-minions when Johnny needed them most? Not writing, not filling up his blog with material (and let’s be real, even when they were, their material wasn’t all that great anyway. Maybe those hired guns should be fired?? Just sayin’)… I’ll tell you where they were – They were hanging out at the local watering hole looking and hooking (which paid them more than Johnny ever did) with some new fish. Hanging Johnny Fishman out to dry.

Matt Horn’s – The Yellow Fish Saga: Act Three – The Shootout

His attempts were too few and futile to win this battle. Trying to rattle my cage by unleashing his bribed cattle… and for all his other pointless rhyming and overly conniving schemes – they fell flat.

Johnny didn’t realize what it would take to win this war – just exactly how big he should go, or how risqué a show? But I know the stakes… and at the end of the day, I know this Yellow Fish Saga is an even bigger phenomenon than Y2K!  From painting the Yellow Fish red, First Ink and the need for dirty deeding and pleading, to the classic shootout, it all comes down to this. Like J. Cash said about his travels… this saga’s been everywhere, man.

Johnny Fishman’s – Charlie & The Fish Factory

Enough of that though… Like I said earlier, I’m going next level – KISS level!!! And it’s going to be hotter than hell. The Yellow Fish can’t stand that kinda heat. That kinda heat can only lead to The Yellow Fish getting fried. Me on the other hand, I can take the heat and feel the beat, as I Rock And Roll All Nite & Party Everyday… celebrating my blog-war victory!

(Johnny thinks he’s slick, but I post videos where you get bang for your click…)

I Like My Fish Fried

With your end clearly in sight, it seems you lost this fight
No blogger, bribed or hired, can match my blogging fire
Red fish, blue fish… hell, I don’t give an ish…

When my waiter asked what I’d like to try?
First I sighed, then laughed til I cried
I looked him in the eye and said, “Sir, I like my fish fried.”


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