Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Is Here!


I was under the impression that this trailer wouldn’t be released until Thor: The Dark World hit theaters on November 8th, but apparently I was wrong.

I should have known better. This is the age of the internet, damn it!  Most things can be found beforehand if you want to find it badly enough. Luckily, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was posted on YouTube, so even someone with limited internet prowess like me could get to it.

Winter Soldier is easily one of my favorite Marvel characters and I have no doubt this movie is going to be ruckus. That said, I highly recommend watching the trailer. Watch it now!!

Captain America’s second outing is due out on April 4th. 2 days before my birthday – Happy Birthday to me!!

4 replies to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Is Here!

      1. Hey man I watched it again and all I see is Cap. A. questioning shield and his own identity perhaps. Who’s the guy in the mask, is that the Winter Soldier? I thought it was a the guy that supposed died in the first movie, and that he was an ally… Yeah I don’t remember much about the comic…just not sure who the villain is or the overall plot. !!!

  1. Yea, the masked man is the Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes… and he did die, but I’m sure the movie will recap how he comes to be in present day for ya. lol

    Cap questioning his place in the world is one of his main characteristics. Glad to see the writers are diving in head first – especially with the Steve Rodgers Super Soldier outfit. Love it!

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