My Short Film Intrigue.

GreenArrowMichaelMyersMan, I really want to make a short film.

Before CW’s Arrow debuted last year, I planned on making a 10 minute-ish short film based on Green Arrow: Year One written by Andy Diggle. I actually asked a few people I know if they would be interested to act in it too… even had Oliver Queen and China White cast. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to gather the props or secure the proper equipment to make this little project get off the ground. So… my hope of making a Green Arrow: Year One fan film is currently waiting in queue.

Why do I bring this up now?? Simple…

While sitting out on the front lawn for about an hour and a half waiting for trick-or-treaters to venture by (sad to say I only had about 25 come by 😦 ), I noticed a very spooky setting. About a block in each direction, I saw something that would lend itself very well to a horror/thriller-esque short film. The lighting was good enough to see, but dark enough to conceal. The trees up and down the block reminded me of the blocks in Haddonfield, Illinois (aka Pasadena, CA) that Laurie Strode and her friends strolled down in the 1978 classic Halloween. It made me a tad giddy to think that maybe, just maybe, I could cook up a short film idea and take advantage of this great setting.

photo***I’m officially in brainstorm mode***

Maybe I could switch-up my choice of iconic character? From DC’s Green Arrow to the slasher legend that is “The Shape”, known to the masses as Michael Myers. He would be an ideal choice for my short film debut taking into consideration he never speaks. 🙂 Now that I think of it, I saw Michael last night. Maybe I could approach him about scaring/stalking/terrorizing people on camera again? I did manage to snap this photo of him (see left) and survive.

You know what? I just might have some good ideas starting to develop. I’ll have to phone my long-time collaborator and see if he can help me get this project of the ground.

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