Brad Ziegler V Jhonny Peralta’s New Deal

Diamondbacks Relief Pitcher Brad Zeigler isn't too fond of Jhonny Peralta's new deal.
Diamondbacks Relief Pitcher Brad Zeigler isn’t too fond of Jhonny Peralta’s new deal.

Jhonny Peralta is now a St. Louis Cardinal. He signed a 4-year deal with the Cardinals for about $52 million dollars.

This past season while on the Detroit Tigers, Peralta was suspended 50 games for using performance enhancing drugs. He was one of many players who got caught and served a suspension in 2013. That said, the Cardinals still ponied up some cash to acquire Jhonny Peralta’s services.

I get that players are allowed to make what the teams allow them to make. Peralta, like every other free agent, was looking to sign a deal for as much money as possible during their stay at the big-league level. But a stand against PED use needs to be made. The suspensions are clearly not enough punishment to sway players to not use them. Peralta got caught, and still made 50 million dollars afterward.

So what lesson is learned from all this? That’s exactly the question Brad Ziegler is posing in his tweet yesterday – “It pays to cheat…Thanks, owners, for encouraging PED use”

And believe I’m 100% with Ziegler on this matter. Something has to change.

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