Ben Affleck: Batman Beyond?

Batman-Superman-Black-WhiteI remember in late August when internet rumors and various “sources” were saying that Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) signed a 6-picture deal with Warner Bros to play Lex Luthor and Ben Affleck signed a 13-picutre deal for Batman. Ahhh… those were the days.. lol

Anyway – We all know now that Bryan Cranston did not sign that deal. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t even an offer. But Ben as Batman on the other hand, that’s not a figment of our imagination. He will be Batman for a long, long time. So even before his debut in the Bat-suit, I decided to beat the curve and support the idea of Affleck as Batman.

I’m among the many fans who are following the Bat-news with intrigue. And we kinda, sorta know how the beginning of the Ben Affleck era as Batman will start. Appearing in ‘Batman vs Superman’ aka Man of Steel 2, followed up with a Justice League adventure. But how will the double-digit appearances of Bats on the big screen end?

Most (and by most I mean me) are hoping that an incarnation of Frank Miller’s classic “The Dark Knight Returns”, will get a green light towards the back-end of Ben’s mega deal. Then I saw something yesterday fan-made that caught my eye. Something Warner Bros. could totally do after a possible Dark Knight Returns movie…

Batman Beyond

… Batman Beyond!!!

For those who don’t know, Terry McGinnis is the character under the cowl in Batman Beyond, not Bruce Wayne. Bruce at this point in his life is very elderly, but he still takes the protection of Gotham very seriously. Batman Beyond is on Netflix and it’s worth a watch. Then, like me, you might find yourself clamoring for Ben’s final appearance as Bruce Wayne to be in Batman Beyond.

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