Yanks Will Be Yanks, and Apparently Red Sox Will Be Too


Welp… The Yanks did it again. They proved the Major League Baseball Luxury Tax is merely a speed bump in New York’s rear view mirror.

The Yankees showed everyone exactly what their true nature is by signing all-star free agent outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury for 7 years/153 Mil. That nature isn’t “try, try again”, it is “buy, buy again”.

The Ellsbury signing, preceded by the Brian McCann deal for 85 million big ones, are huge contracts. That said, I saw various MLB insiders tweeting last night that the Yankees still plan on pursuing 2B Robinson Cano or OF Shin Soo Choo, AND a starting pitcher – AKA their spending spree is far from over.

Money is clearly no obstacle to the Yanks in their everlasting quest of winning the World Series. I mean, the last time they spent super-mega bucks in an off-season with C.C. Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, and A.J. Burnett, they did win the series…

When I wrote – Offseason Of Intrigue: New York Yankees – I surely didn’t see the Ellsbury signing coming.

2 replies to “Yanks Will Be Yanks, and Apparently Red Sox Will Be Too

  1. Not a good use of money. As an O’s fan I’ve never feared Ellsbury. He’s WAY too expensive for what he brings to the table. They still can’t pitch. I’m loving this move.

    1. I agree it wasn’t the best way to spend their money. But if they still go out and get Cano, and a pitcher… and whatever else they feel they need to spend money on, does it matter how much they gave these guys? They don’t give a rats about the luxury tax penalties.

      They will never be handicapped by bad contracts, no matter how much the media thinks NY will be. If they aren’t handicapped by A-Rod, then nothing will stop them.

      Look at the Braves – BJ Upton basically cost them the flexibility to try and resign McCann and Hudson.

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