2013 Redskins, A Lose-Lose

RG3-HitsThe hits just won’t stop coming for the Washington Redskins in 2013 will they? And no, that’s not even a bad pun attempt about Robert Griffin III getting crushed weekly by opposing defenses this year.

For those who aren’t familiar with the NFL – The draft order is set by how successful each team was the previous season. The team that wins the Super Bowl gets the 32nd pick each round out of 32 teams. Meaning, the worst team gets the first pick, keeping the league’s competitive balance in order as much as possible.

With many teams looking for a QB in 2014, Clowney could fall out of the top spot come draft day.

At 3-9, the Redskins currently own a record that would solidify the 2nd overall pick in the 2014 draft. Which would be great, if they actually got to select a player there. South Carolina’s standout defensive end Jadeveon Clowney would be an awesome building block to repair this truly wretched defense. But the Redskins will not be selecting at that number 2 spot. Washington’s draft slot in the first round will be sent to the St. Louis Rams as the last piece of compensation for the rights to draft RG3.

I fully supported then and still support now the Redskins decision to make the RG3 deal. Landing a QB was more than imperative. But being so close to an impact defensive stud like Clowney after an abysmal season like Washington’s 2013 effort is just a tad hard to deal with. Even with a horrible 2013 season, I feel the Skins are trending up. I guess what I’m getting at is that “earning” a top draft selection again isn’t in the game plan in the near future. Missing out on a player like Clowney now will most likely come back to bite. What can go wrong, will go wrong… Murphy’s Law is a bitch.

2 replies to “2013 Redskins, A Lose-Lose

  1. I feel like the salary cap has made the draft less important in recent years. Teams that do really well have to trade a lot of veteran players because everybody gets so expensive. Having a #2 pick means you have to pay them huge dollars and with that money I bet a similar player will be available this offseason. I mean with outstanding players like Boldin this past offseason being available for almost nothing, the Skins can be smart about it and find a veteran with their Clowney money that will be a more definite contributor. The Rams have a had a top-2 pick in 3 of the past 6 drafts and those players have yet to make a single pro bowl.

  2. Top draft picks do not cost that much anymore. Griffin is “only” getting 22 Mil – which is crazy cheap in the NFL scope. Getting these guys for cheap while they are young is the absolute best way to have a powerhouse. It is hard to do though, which is way complete teams don’t roll around all that often.

    Look at the Chiefs this year. Yes they switched up coaches, but they were a good team with a bad record last season. They got to fill a hole with the top pick. Now they are a very good team.

    Next year, The Texans will be a strong team again. Getting rid of Kubiack (who shoulda been gone a few years ago) and getting the top pick, while already having a good team. They’ll bounce back easily. Good teams getting top prospects in the draft normally end well.

    Ravens and Suggs is a perfect example of that.

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