Ruben Amaro, Jr Is Awful.

I believe Ruben wore out his welcome in Philly 3 years ago.

I don’t understand Ruben at all. And I hope I never do, because his logic pertaining to the Phillies personnel decisions is downright awful. To understand his logic could imply one might need a lengthy stay at the nearest mental health facility.

If you don't know yet, I'll tell you - Marlon Byrd SUCKS.
If you don’t know yet, I’ll tell you – Marlon Byrd SUCKS.

This off-season alone is reason for the Philadelphia faithful to scratch their heads. A TWO-YEAR DEAL for Marlon Byrd…. at 8 Million bucks per year?!?!?! Are you insane Ruben? Yeah, he was an OK player for the Pirates for half a season, but he hasn’t been a player worthy of everyday playing time for long time. 2012 wasn’t that long ago Rube, ya know, the year Byrd was basically given to the Red Sox by the Cubs, The CUBS! Only to be flat-out released by the Sox a few games later. Then re-signing Carlos Ruiz to a 3 year deal, giving him 3 Million dollars MORE (from 5 Mil to 8 mil) per season… These signing are beyond awful.

The Philadelphia Phillies on Ruben’s watch have become to poster child as to why teams should not get locked down in huge money contracts i.e. -the Ryan Howard and Jonathan Papelbon deals along with the Jimmy Rollins extension. Over the past few seasons, Philly fans have gotten to experience first hand the crippling effect the aging player/huge contract combo can have on a team that is expected to contend.

Ruben Amaro - clueless? You're kidding, right?
Ruben Amaro – clueless? You’re kidding, right?

Today, there is news that Ruben is ready and willing to listen on other teams offers for Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. Really Ruben… now you’re going to wise up and part ways with the big contracts? That’s funny. Also, apparently Ruben is willing to attach Dominic Brown (the Phillies best MLB ready, young hitter) to a deal that would get Papelbon out of Philly.

I do have to laugh bit. It only took Ruben the demise of the team to realize he wasn’t applying a winning formula – now it’s gonna cost Philly their 2 best pitchers and possibly their only young source of power. Well done Ruben. Well done.

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