Mike Shanahan – Out In Washington

Welp – The NFL season is officially over as today is Black Monday.

What is Black Monday you ask? It is the Monday after the last Sunday of the regular season – a day most notable for how many NFL coaches get fired.

Mike Shanahan is officially out in Washington

As a Redskins fan, today is the day I’ve been waiting for since about mid-October. Hoping that Washington coach Mike Shanahan is shown the door. The Skins finished 3-13 this year. Good enough for the 2nd overall pick in the 2014 draft. And as everyone by now knows, that pick has been signed, sealed, and delivered to the St. Louis Rams as the last piece of compensation for the rights to draft Robert Griffin III in 2012. I understand that before the Redskins even played a down this season that pick was already the Rams’ pick. It’s just that every part of the 2013 season has been down right awful and a top 2 pick being sent away makes a horrible season even more difficult to bear.

The Cleveland Browns head coach was actually fired last night and Vikings HC Leslie Frazier has been let go this morning too, so the party is already started. And wait…. the news literally just came over the wire as I’m writing this post – Mike Shanahan has been fired by Washington. WOOOOOOO

Anyway, now that I officially don’t care about any of the teams who made the playoffs, I figured I’d give the trailer for Draft Day starring Kevin Costner a spot in this post. Mainly due to the fact that I’m looking forward to the movie Draft Day more so than the Redskins actual draft day in 2014.

Draft-Day-Kevin-CostnerTake a look at the Draft Day trailer starring Kevin Costner.

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