Washington TE Fred Davis & The Laughable 2008 Redskins Draft.

Fred Davis gets crushed by Rams safety Robert Quinn
Fred Davis gets crushed by Rams safety Robert Quinn

Welp…. Fred Davis, you just don’t give a rats anymore do you?

Davis, the TE free agent to be, is now facing a 6 game suspension for violating the NFL substance abuse policy… again.

Fred Davis praticeThe Redskins don’t really have an organizational history of strong leadership in the locker room. Not since Joe Gibbs’ first tenure as head coach ended anyway… And it’s a large reason why the team sucks year in and year out. This is especially the case since Dan Snyder bought the team. His approach/motto is akin to a “get rich quick” scheme, signing overrated or over-aged free agents to fill out the Washington roster, hoping for a home run. Most of these players end up not playing well and/or not taking a leadership role for incoming rookies.

With that said, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that so many young players have flamed out. Let’s hope the signing of Pierre Garcon and the drafting of Robert Griffin III have turned the tides for the better in this department moving forward. But back to the topic at hand…

With Davis on the way out the door (knowing the Skins probably weren’t gonna resign this mofo), there is a lot of chatter about Washington’s draft class from 2008, the year Davis was drafted. The Redskins didn’t have a 1st round pick, but had three 2nd round selections. Selections very capable of compiling a core to build around for the future. Unfortunately, the Redskins did the exactly opposite of building a core. Check this list out:

2008 Washington Redskins draftees:

  1. Round 2, Pick 3 (34th overall) Devin Thomas WR from Michigan State
  2. Round 2, Pick 17 (48th overall) Fred Davis TE from Southern Cal
  3. Round 2, Pick 20 (51st overall) Malcolm Kelly WR from Oklahoma
  4. Round 3, Pick 33 (96th overall) Chad Rinehart OT from Northern Iowa
  5. Round 4, Pick 25 (124th overall) Justin Tryon CB from Arizona State
  6. Round 6, Pick 2 (168th overall) Durant Brooks P from Georgia Tech
  7. Round 6, Pick 14 (180th overall) Kareem Moore DB from Nicholls State
  8. Round 6, Pick 20 (186th overall) Colt Brennan QB from Hawaii
  9. Round 7, Pick 35 (242nd overall) Rob Jackson DE from Kansas State
  10. Round 7, Pick 42 (249th overall) Chris Horton FS from UCLA

When Davis isn’t resigned, Rob Jackson will be the only player still on the team from this draft.

The other 2nd rounders burnt out embarrassingly quick, Rinehart only played in Washington in 2008, and Tryon played 2 years in Washington, then bounced around playing with 2 other teams. A punter in the 6th round? Please… Brooks only punted in 6 games – AND that was his only time spent in the league! It’s safe to say that the Redskins completely wasted any time, space, & energy with Brooks (not to mention the pick itself). Everyone else expect Jackson did as bad as one could image. It truly is a shame.

Let’s hope Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden don’t royally screw the 2014 draft as badly as this awful one in ’08.

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