Happy Valentine’s Day – House Of Cards Returns!

Spacey-House-Of-CardsI was torn whether or not I was going to post anything about Netflix’s original series House Of Cards returning today. Mainly because I didn’t want the post to come across as a review. Though, I do want to spread the word. And I want everyone who reads this post to watch, and then spread the word too. I will not dive into any spoilers from season 1 to respect those who have not witnessed season 1 yet. All I will say is this: Kevin Spacey has been one of my favorite actors since I first saw him in L.A. Confidential. And I truly believe Spacey was the perfect choice for the lead role of Frank Underwood in this Netflix series.

House-Of-Cards-Valentine's-DayFor those that have seen all of the season 1 – the wait is finally over!! A great Valentine’s Day gift for all can be shared now that Netflix released the entire second season today.

If you have reservations about sitting down to watch this series, I urge you to set them aside. (I guess I do have to do something review-esque to sell you now)

Every character in this series is well written, developed, and acted. Every scene has importance and conviction. It won’t take long to suck you in and it’s almost impossible not to watch the next episode.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy House Of Cards! That is, if you aren’t waiting with your significant other for an hour or so for a table at Olive Garden.

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