JaDeveon Clowney Runs A Fast 40 At The Combine…

Clowney at the NFL Combine
Clowney at the NFL Combine

… and it’s already a played-out, beat sports topic.

ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter tweeted about Clowney’s unofficial 4.47 second 40-yard dash time 55 mins ago, (along with what feels like 10 thousand other people on MY twitter feed) and I’ve truly tired of it in less than an hour.

Social media is a great thing, and the goal of this post isn’t to vilify social media, but man… anything and everything 24 hours a day is just too much.

I love the NFL, and I want to be excited about the combine, but the overkill makes me so disinterested.

I guess my main beef is coming to grips that sports reporting is no longer reporting. It’s a matter of someone spewing out more of whatever trendy topic the hype-machine gets a hold of. And I completely and utterly despise the hype-machine. Social media just fuels the never-ending fire.

I feel like the only way to benefit from the hype-machine is to be completely hypocritical, post about said topic, and hopefully get some hits on my blog.

Yep, it’s boiled down to that…

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