Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s Newest Poster.

Captain America Winter Soldier Character Posterscaptain-america - Winter SoldierCaptain America: The Winter Soldier is almost here!

The countdown to opening night is under a month and the answer is yes – I’ve been greatly anticipating the arrival of The Winter Soldier on the big screen, and I will be at the theater April 4th when he shows up. The perfect way to kick off my birthday weekend. (Seems like April 6 will be here and gone before I know it)

What I believe to be the best of the promotional character posters (The Winter Soldier himself!!) was recently released. And I must say, Marvel saved the best for last. Bucky looks great here and in all the trailers I’ve seen for this movie. This poster is so awesome, I’ve decided not only to post about it, but I need to own this poster ASAP.

Also, not to be overlooked because it’s crazy cool as well, is Steve Rogers wearing his Super Soldier gear. I know Marvel has been getting criticism (which stinks) for parting from Captain’s classic stars and bars for this outing, because the Super Soldier look is badass! Kudos again, Marvel.

Go watch Cap 2 on April 4th!

5 replies to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s Newest Poster.

  1. He is the best friend of Steve a Rogers/Captain America a former buck private turned corporal as his sidekick also known as Bucky/William J Barnes killed in action during World War II 75 years later Soviet scientist found the remains becomes a powerful secret weapon was trained by Russian soldiers and becomes a ruthless fighting machine turned mercenary/assassin The Winter Soldier his estranged friend of a Captain America try to destroy The Avengers and Dr Nick Fury and he is a communist and a super soldier and the battle continues. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne.

  2. J. William Barnes a best friend of a Captain America and a war buddy during World War II becomes a martyr 75 years later becomes a super soldier was discovered by Soviet scientist and the military used to destroy Captain America and the Avengers. Thanks for the information. From: Wayne

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