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Bright-IdeasI felt the urge to apologize to any and all who have actually taken the time to check out the content that I post – 2014 has been a rough go here on Matt Horn’s blog.

The longer this blog churns along, the more I realize that regurgitating sports topics isn’t as appealing as it used to be. If you pour back through MHB posts, it isn’t hard to realize when to expect what type of post, because the sports world is cyclical. Which is the main reason you haven’t heard a peep outta me concerning March Madness, NFL Free Agency, or even the up coming MLB season (not even my most beloved fantasy baseball posts). It would be the 2nd or 3rd time you’ve read about the same material here when March rolls around. I’m all for suggestions or fresh approaches to revitalize these topics, because I do love to chat about sports. I’ve found recently though, most topics lose their luster before I can muster anything to post.

Matt Riggleman did have a cool writing project/fantasy baseball idea to post on Google+ on which I contributed. If you’d like to check it out – Fantasy Baseball Shenanigans.

I will say this to all of those who have been nudging me to FINALLY post chapter 5 of my noir story, have faith, it is on the way. That is actually the only material that seems interesting enough to pour time into. Producing one’s own material may be the hardest, but the freedom it provides is very liberating. I’ll have to chat with my blog/counter-blog partner in crime – Johnny Fishman to see if he’ll help me find some creative new angles, but also to see if I can light the “Fishtown” fire again. In many ways, reading his story inspires me to either up the ante or out-do him. But if I know Johnny like I think I do, he doesn’t like the thought of being outdone. I’m not actually sure if he even thinks its possible?

Anyway, I ask for any readers who stumble upon my blog – please be patient. I’ll make it through these most difficult of blogging times.

2 replies to “MHB Updates

  1. Outdone? Ha! You make Johnny laugh so hard he falls out of his boot… as to Fishtown… Johnny has been too busy thinking about knocking boots instead. Be that as it may, Johnny had this to say on the subject: “Why!? Why is that impossible?? You’re so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from Fishtown’s table that you’ve missed your Fish-given right to something better… There is a difference between us. You think the people of this internet exist to provide you with a blogging position. I think your blogging position exists to provide those people with classy, yet filthy–very,very filthy–writing. And I go to make sure that they have it… [but not till after knocking some boots…and possibly sacking York].”

    1. You say you can’t be outdone… be careful how you interpret. Soon as I post my newest chapter I will have equaled your output chapter-wise. I aim to outdo Johnny with quality AND quantity.

      Figured if I’m going to take on such a task, I should do it right.

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