DeSean Jackson Agrees With Washington

desean-jackson-redskinsDeSean Jackson is now a member of the Washington Redskins.

Ever since the Albert Haynesworth $100 Mil disaster, thankfully, Washington’s splash signings have been fewer and fewer. The Redskins have willingly approached Free Agency with a different mentality. Targeting young players who are up and coming/on the merge of breaking out. And it’s such a relief from a fans perspective. The core of this team has FINALLY been built by the acquisition of young talent, via draft or signings.

When the news broke last Friday that the Eagles released DeSean Jackson, the thought of him signing with the Redskins never crossed my mind. The idea seemed to… “old Redskins-esque” for lack of a better term. Once speculation that he might land with the Skins started getting some steam, I wasn’t sure whether or not I even liked the idea?

Nobody really seems to know the actual reason why Jackson was released by Philadelphia? I understand sometimes egos or whatever get in the way, and there was the report on about Jackson supposedly having some gang related issues, but typically players like Jackson don’t find themselves left out in the cold.

So, for the time being, I can only gauge this move by how it helps the Redskins on the field – and the benefit could put the Redskins offense over the top.

The speed factor for Washington’s offense this season is scary.

After DeSean Jackson’s signing last night, if the Redskins don’t go into heavy-defense draft mode and do everything possible to upgrade the defense. I would be completely shocked.

Now that this move has set in – I will go on record and say I approve.
NFC East – consider yourselves on notice.
Hail To The Redskins!!!

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