Classic Move By Jameis Winston

Jameis – stashing some crab legs with his Heisman Trophy

“Jameis, what’s that over there? Hanging off your Heisman…”

“Oh man… ya got some of those crab legs and ya didn’t tell me?”

“Wait, you didn’t tell anyone… ?”

“You did what?!?!?”

Yep.. that’s right. Jameis Winston, Florida State’s Heisman trophy winning QB, was suspended from the school’s baseball team after he went rogue recently, shop lifting some good ol crab legs.

I’m not posting about this to judge Jameis, enough people are doing that already. I’m posting about this because I can’t stop laughing over how ridiculous this is, and sounds.

Who does this? Jameis does.

Jameis-Winston-crab-legsI guess all those GM’s in the NFL that were willing to take Jameis as high as #1 overall in the upcoming draft if he were eligible, will have to rethink what to make of Mr. Winston.

I’m not sure why a little walk-about with some C-legs has anything to do with throwing a football into a window 20-yards down field off his back foot? But it’ll be broken down now by analysts everywhere from now until next year’s draft, when Winston is almost a lock to declare for the NFL.

Sure, character is a major factor for NFL GM’s on whether or not they can depend on a guy. I get that. But this crab leg ordeal is something that should never be talked about again, after the luster fades the next couple of days, while breaking down this dudes football ability. The rape allegations, suspicions, or whatever that were dropped against Winston are 1000 times more important/prevalent when talking about draft this guy to your team. Crab legs… no.

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