More DC TV On The Way

flash-banner1During CW’s Arrow season 2 finale last night (which was freakin’ awesome!!!!), the first Flash promo dropped online about 15 minutes before it aired during Arrow’s final commercial break.

For those that don’t know and/or are curious to the reason Green Arrow is in the new Flash promo, Barry Allen (The Flash) played by Grant Gustin, was featured in Arrow season 2 episodes 8 & 9. So these two specific characters have actually already met. One of the perks of having both shows on CW – plenty of potential for DC characters crossovers.

The new Flash show will air Tuesday nights @ 8pm on CW, with Arrow maintaining its current 8pm slot on Wednesday nights. But that’s not all for DC this fall on the small screen. FOX is hopping on the bandwagon with a Batman themed show called Gotham that will air Monday nights @ 8pm.

Gotham will revolve around detective James Gordon a few weeks after joining Gotham PD. It’s sure to be a roller coaster ride as he learns to navigate the city’s rough streets and faces off against many future Batman rogues.

NBC has also released a trailer for Constantine, which will be airing on Friday nights this fall. I guess what I’m trying say is, once fall rolls around, you’ll know where to find me.


2 replies to “More DC TV On The Way

  1. Whoa…Constantine! Don’t know much of the comics, but its one of my fav. movies to re-watch. Looks like you got all the scoops here. I plan on watching Flash, but I doubt I’ll watch Gotham. Constantine…well we’ll see. When’s Aquaman coming to town, that is the question…did somebody say, “The Question”? Whaa?

    1. Question on any of Arrow, Flash, or Gotham would be incredible. I think there is a real chance they use him in Arrow or Gotham. I think the Flash show will end up a bit more light hearted.

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