Ranking Batmen

Batman ActorsLast week news broke that the Man of Steel sequel, commonly known as ‘Batman vs Superman’, will officially be titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. When I told my very bitter-towards-everything-DC-comic related Marvel fan friend named Chris Horn he groaned, rolled his eyes, and proclaimed that this movie will be awful. That Ben Affleck would be awful. And that this movie will be the biggest box office flop come summer 2016, easily being dwarfed by Captain America 3 (which is currently slated to be released on the same day).

I just shook my head to his reaction… Why do haters always gotta hate?

Ben Affleck will play Bruce Wayne/Batman in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I’m fully aware that the world let out one big collective groan when Affleck was unveiled as the next Batman. I was in that crowd. But since then, I found myself entrenched in Ben Affleck’s corner. So my retort to Chris was this: Not only will ‘BvS: Dawn of Justice’ dominate ‘Cap 3’ in total earnings, Ben Affleck WILL be the actor that gives the definitive performance as the caped crusader AND Bruce Wayne to date. Surpassing the highly regarded Dark Knight trilogy performances from Christian Bale.

Chris walked away from the convo and I walked into a blog topic —-> Ranking Batmen.

  • I will only rank actors who appeared in films, no TV versions.
  • I stand by my proclamation – Ben Affleck will indeed find himself on top of this list in the near future.

Tier 1 – The Non-Joel Schumacher versions

1. Christian Bale – Highlight: The Dark Knight (2008)

2. Michael Keaton – Highlight: Batman (1989)

Tier 2 – The Schumacher versions that almost destroyed the franchise

Thankfully, these last two actors only appeared in a single Batman film. Who knows what could have been if Director Joel Schumacher didn’t make a complete disaster of things? But he did…

3. Val Kilmer – Lowlight: “Chicks love the car”

4. George Clooney – Lowlight of all lowlights: Bat-nipples


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