Full Speed Ahead For Warner Bros – 7 DC Comic Based Movies In 2 Years.

Justice LeagueI first heard of this upcoming onslaught of DC comic-based movies from Warner Bros. last week. I wasn’t really sure what to think then, and I’m still kinda wondering how it’s going to play out now.

As a DC fan, I’m excited that each of the titles that were announced are happening, but the pace of their release is a bit scary.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – May 2016
Shazam! – July 2016
Sandman – Christmas 2016
Justice League – May 2017
Wonder Woman – July 2017
Flash/Green Lantern – Christmas 2017
Man of Steel 2 – May 2018

Even before these movies were announced, many fans were worried that Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. were going to cram too much into Dawn of Justice (they’ve cast Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Lex Luthor, Alfred Pennyworth, Lois Lane, Perry White, Martha Kent… and there are rumors of other cameos like Green Lantern and Flash). In essence, making a complete debacle out of THE most anticipated comic character based movies ever.

Justice League - New 52 - Glowing

I know Warner Bros. have finally realized that fans are yearning for great DC-related material on the big screen after seeing Marvel’s cinematic universe take the world by storm. But I hope they understand that the fans want to see GOOD material on the big screen. Not rushed, underdeveloped, overpopulated train wrecks just so we can have the pleasure of “seeing” these heroes on-screen. We (and by we I mean me as a fan) want to see these heroes resonate to their fullest potential.

Like I said, I’m excited for the news. I just hope Warner Bros. doesn’t settle on aspects of each movie because of timelines issues that are sure to pop up. WB – Get it right!



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