Blog Post #200

200-ClubThat’s right! Number 200 on MHB. Doesn’t really seem all that long ago I was working on post #100 in Jan ’13. I remember it vividly. As I do for almost every post on here.

200 feels good. Real good, actually. The personal growth I’ve experienced while writing material for MHB is almost indescribable. Well, that’s not entirely true. Just not sure I want to take the time to describe the growth right here, right now. I mean, there are the multiple Redskins rants, fantasy baseball endeavors, the (still unfinished) noir, the blog-wars vs Johnny Fishman… that is a ton of ground to cover. My experience has been immense and it definitely would take a while to share.

Not sure I would have predicted 200 posts worth of blog glory when I started this at the end of August 2011, yet here we are. But enough romanticizing, let’s get down to business.

I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post. Sorry for the wait. I’ve known for a while 200 was looming on the horizon and I wanted to make sure I had a worthy post for such a milestone. Brainstorming for an interesting AND celebratory topic is a bit harder than I anticipated. But I’ve finally stumbled upon the answer I’ve been searching for… A TRIAL BY COMBAT!

I have nominated a few of my utmost favorite TV characters for this battle. When it is all said and done, only 1 will stand as my favorite character on the small screen. That said, each one of these characters should consider their inclusion in this event as one of the highest honors any character could ever receive.

Here are the shows my nominated characters hail from:

Game of Thrones (HBO)
24 (FOX)
Sherlock (BBC)
The Walking Dead (AMC)

And since I listed the shows in that order, I’ll introduce the combatants in reverse order.

Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead
If Rick Grimes is the lead character on The Walking Dead, I’d probably characterize Daryl as a co-lead at this point (only 4 seasons have aired and I haven’t read any of The Walking Dead comics). In the real world though, I guess technically he’s a supporting character.

Daryl is a badass, period. Yeah, he’s rough around the edges, had a questionable upbringing at best, and an unsavory role model in his older brother Merle. But since “The Walkers” have devastated life as we know it on the show, his experiences living a harder lifestyle have served him well. He is one of a few self-sustainable characters in the fact that he can hunt and protect himself if need be with his crossbow. He doesn’t really seek or thrive on “pettiness” (Which is probably THE ONE characteristic that each of my nominated characters share), he just survives. Opening up to others scares him, though his badass-ness would probably prevent him from ever admitting, I believe he appreciates group/family togetherness. And I’d even go as far to say, now that he’s part of a group, he values the group more so than himself. Willing to put everything on the line in order to protect the group. Makes him more dangerous to opposing threats.
My one word description: HERO

Jim Moriarty – Sherlock
Description: Villain
Flamboyant, erratic, precise, and yet sooooooo changeable… that’s Jim Moriarty. Moriarty steals the scene every time, and I mean EVERY time he is onscreen. And that speaks volumes to me, because Sherlock is one of the great onscreen presences as well. To have such a big impact with such little screen time is unreal. Moriarty may be insane and creepy, but one thing is for sure – you should see him in a crown (had to get that in there). Because he is in charge and dictates everything to Sherlock. Even his reveal as the villain isn’t discovered by the greatest detective, Moriarty reveals himself to Sherlock. He moves, reacts, and plans everything with incredible ease. His goal – To humiliate and then eliminate Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Proving he is, not just of greater intellect, but the greatest intellect.

Jack Bauer – 24
Simply put, Jack Bauer is the man. Whenever America has a problem, Bauer is the answer. He’s done some things he’s not proud, sacrificed himself for the people close to him so many times, even found himself labeled a terrorist to the good ole’ USA. But one thing is certain after watching 24, everything Jack does is and/or will be for America’s safety in the end. Jack Bauer is the ultimate weapon. He has defeated terrorists, agency moles, high-ranking government officials, and even family members when he has to. He’s endured numerous tortures, drug addictions, and countless betrayals. The only thing I haven’t seen Jack do is go into outer space and punch Darth Vader in the face. Gut feeling… that will happen next season.
Description: HERO

Prince Oberyn Martell (The Red Viper) – Game of Thrones
Prince Oberyn to Tyrion Lannister -“I will be your champion.”
When The Red Viper said those words to Tyrion, I literally had the hair on my arms stand up. Oberyn was introduced in Game of Thrones season 4 and with every appearance of Oberyn on-screen, he became nearer and dearer to my heart. So when he decided to volunteer as Tyrion Lannister’s champion, representing Tryion (in the trial by combat that I got the idea for this post from) in a battle to the death vs Sir Gregor Clegane aka “The Mountain”, my heart was in my throat. Throughout the season, it was clear Oberyn was not only cool, calm, & collected, good with the ladies, but he was revered as an excellent & deadly warrior. That said, he was the underdog in this fight, which is why I personally thought he would pull through and defeat the Mountain. Unfortunately, as great as Prince Oberyn’s character was on the show, his crushing defeat at the hands of the Mountain was inversely miserable and horrifying.
My description: Anti-Hero

Just a quick reminder – though I deemed this bout a trial by combat, how the winner was decided was not who would actually win in a battle royale if all these dudes fought. The winner was chosen as I was writing about each of them. By how easy and enjoyable it was to acknowledge how awesome the character actually is/was. It helped me determine who actually it my favorite between the four of them.

I’d like to thank any of you who actually read this, and any of my other 199 posts to date.

So without further ado… THE CHAMPION IS –

Jim Moriarty

2 replies to “Blog Post #200

  1. Did not see Moriarty coming as champion. Clearly I underestimated how much you love him. As I underestimated your love of villains, apparently…a trait more akin to Johnny’s own… Well…happy 200th then.

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