LeBron James Is Going Home.

LeBron James is officially headed back to Cleveland.

When he opted out of his Miami deal so early, that was a huge indicator to me that he was NOT happy with how this past season in Miami played out (getting whooped up on by the Spurs in the NBA Finals). He was sending Miami a message that something had to change.

I thought it was smart. Only I thought it was smart because he planned on staying in Miami and he needed to force Dwayne Wade’s hand into opting out as well, since Wade was a shell of himself and was commanding so much cap space. Giving Miami some flexibility to court some better role players. I mean, San Antonio’s bench made some of the Heat’s starters look awful, let alone expose Miami’s bench. 

lebron_jamesBut after today’s shocker, the Heat’s bench is the least of their problems. Miami’s “Big 3” era is over and LeBron James is going home to Cleveland to finish some unfinished business. And honestly, I’m glad he did. I feel like it was the right opportunity at the right time for LeBron. The Cavs have a roster mostly filled with youth, headlined by all-star PG Kyrie Irving. Irving and James will be an explosive pairing. First overall pick Andrew Wiggins will definitely have an environment to thrive in if he manages not to get traded for more established talent. Cavaliers basketball is now must see TV again.

I know LeBron is a lightning rod. No matter what he did, whether he stayed in Miami or not, was going to be big news. I just wanted to give him kudos for not letting old petty feelings get in the way of doing what he felt he needed to do. Maturity rules, and I approve.

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