Ace Frehley “No Regrets”

No-Regrets-Ace-FrehleyA friend of mine and fellow KISS fan, Clark Meshey, let me borrow his copy of Ace Frehley’s autobiography No Regrets a few weeks back. Last night, I finished it.

When it comes to KISS, I have no problem admitting my allegiances. Though, I will state that I didn’t really have any expectations when committing to the read.

I’ve heard Ace in many interviews over the years while cramming every morsel of KISS knowledge I could into my head. I knew he wasn’t the most articulate dude. Not that he had to be articulate to tell his life story. But I knew going in it would nothing like the previous book I read about Bruce Springsteen – Bruce, by Peter Ames Carlin. Which was very detail oriented and eye-opening with everything Bruce. Exactly how attached or betrayed he felt by the family, fellow musicians, females, the music, and the music industry.

No Regrets did contain some cool pre-KISS/early KISS details. He talked about some of the recording process with each of the albums while in KISS. Which was cool in my opinion. But more than anything, No Regrets came off as a diary filled with Ace’s drug induced adventures. Everything in this book came of light, fluffy, and fleeting. I’m not exactly sure how that reflects on him, but it made for a quick easy read.

Ace-Frehley-with-BudokanAt least fans know Ace isn’t joking around with the book title. He admits many times to being an addict. But I never really feel he gives true, real credence that he had a problem. Even near the end of the book, when he declares he has been sober for a few years, it seems he truly has no regrets. About the drug use, the drug relapses, leaving KISS, the whole nine yards…

When Clark lent me the book, he said that Ace really let loose about Gene Simmons. I kinda figured Ace would take advantage of this platform to do a little mud-slinging. Now that I’m done, that’s exactly how I’d describe it – very little mud-slinging. He just reiterated about Gene being a control freak and also being completely driven by money. Which Gene readily admits himself.

Considering Gene and Paul Stanley have done more than their fair of throwing Ace under the bus. I gotta give Space Ace major kudos here. He had every opportunity to just completely rip them a new one but he chose the high road. A classy move on his part.

Overall, I’d recommend checking this book out for any who might be interested. There are plenty of funny mishaps throughout in and out of KISS.

(Matt Horn’s Blog – Chatting About The 1978 Solo Albums)

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