Sharknado 2!

Sharknado-2-The-Second-OneThat’s right! The summer blockbuster EVERYONE has been waiting for. Not Amazing Spider-Man 2. Not X-Men. Not even Transformers 4…

Sharknado 2: The Second One will air for the first time Wednesday, July 30 at 9 pm on Syfy. Yep, you heard me. Tomorrow night! The first one, with the title only a gifted savant of a writer could possibly dream up – Sharknado, gained nation-wide hype when it debuted last summer. I’m pretty sure any and all fans who have seen the first Sharknado can agree. There has never, EVER, been a better production that contained the totally amazing acting performances, stellar script writing, AND seamless CGI effects all in one film. Truly a masterpiece. It was so epic, all the stars decided they couldn’t live the rest of their lives without dodging, chainsawing, and/or blowing up more airborne sharks looking to chomp on anything and everything.

If you missed the first one – here is the trailer.

There is only one man who could ever possibly weather such a terrible storm… twice! That man’s name is Fin (Ian Ziering). Fin must now help save his family and New York from this treacherous Sharknado…

Image: Celebrity Sightings In New York City - February 24, 2014
Fin is the man for this job. Pretty sure Jack Bauer wouldn’t even have a prayer vs these circumstances.

Here is the trailer for Sharknado 2: The Second One. Oh yea… this is a must-see television event if you didn’t catch my drift.


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