RGIII Dislocates Left Ankle vs Jacksonville

Robert Griffin III getting carted off the field during the 1st quarter vs the Jaguars.

Robert Griffin III was carted off the field today in the 1st quarter of the Washington Redskins’ week 2 match-up vs the Jacksonville Jaguars with a pretty serious ankle injury.

Coach Jay Gruden finally announced after the game that Griffin has a dislocated left ankle and is out indefinitely. I can already hear the RGIII haters…

He’s overrated.
He’s injury prone.
He’s just a running quarterback.
Kirk Cousins is a better quarterback anyway. Etc, etc…

I thought I’d take this opportunity to state what I believe to be obvious.

Robert Griffin III is a dynamic talent on the football field. He is still a young developing quarterback in the NFL. RGIII had a fabulous rookie season in 2012 when we won the NFL’s Rookie of the Year award, but that season came to a horrible abrupt end when he tore knee ligaments (ACL and LCL) in the 4th quarter of Washington’s Wild Card playoff game vs the Seattle Seahawks.

RGIII’s recovery from this devastating knee injury was the unrelenting story leading up to, and throughout the 2013 season.

With no off-season practice and zero preseason participation, Robert Griffin III was clearly rusty and not ready to compete at an all-pro level. He wasn’t comfortable planting to throw, scrambling out/maneuvering within the pocket, or taking any kind of hit to the lower half of his body. Which led to a very tumultuous sophomore effort.

This year, Robert Griffin III was rid of the toxic situation that had developed between him and Mike Shanahan. He had the whole off-season to practice. He played during the preseason. 2014 was looking like the golden opportunity Griffin was waiting for to show everyone just exactly what he is capable of.

The pass RGIII was injured on.
The pass RGIII was injured on.

Then today RGIII had some very unfortunate luck, dislocating his left ankle. This injury isn’t proof Griffin is injury prone. This injury is proof that freak accidents can happen to anybody and everybody.

I truly feel terrible for Robert Griffin III and I’m rooting for his recovery. By no means do I believe that his 2012 performance is his ceiling in the NFL. Unfortunately, we all will just have to wait before we can see.

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